Hair loss due to incorrect diet

One-sided or in one go radical diets can lead to hair loss. A non-balanced diet, for example excessive eating of fast food, also has this effect. However, eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia can lead to hair loss. Debt to this is a shortage of important foods and vitamins.


Hair follicle, where the hair roots are located, belong to dividing activities of the cells of the human body. The divisions require a high metabolism, which requires many nutrients such as vitamins and trace elements. Since the body can not form many of these substances, it must be absorbed by the diet in sufficient quantities. For example, if there is too little Vitamin H, Zinc and Vitamin B available, which the hair follicles need, it can lead to hair loss.

A lack of iron can also cause hair loss. Women are often affected by the high blood loss during menstruation. Even with vegetarian food alone, it can lead to an increase in hair loss. In order to exclude possible other causes of the hair loss, in addition to a wrong diet, a doctor must be visited.

Tips for a nutrition-dependent hair loss

Those who want to take a healthy diet should take whole-grain and milk products.

Rich fruit and vegetables also ensure adequate care with biotin, zinc and Vitamin B. Particularly rich in folic acid are, for example, soya beans, wheat germ, leafy vegetables (spinach and salad), tomatoes and potatoes. Vitamin B is mainly found in animal products, such as meat, intestines and fish. A sufficient amount of biotin is found in nuts, spinach, mushrooms and lentils, but lean meats, fruit and grains also contain high numbers of these nutrients.

To keep the iron household in balance, you must take meat, fish and Vitamin C rich nutrition. In addition, coffee or tea, like milk, can reduce a shortage of iron.

Means against hair loss

In addition to a healthy, balanced diet, medications containing sulphurous amino acids and Vitamin B can also help prevent hair loss. They provide important constituents for hair growth. The sulphurous amino acids are important building blocks for the building of the hair and Vitamin B progresses the energy metabolism of the growing hair.