Nerve Renew

How is nerve pain treated?

Nerve pain is very difficult to treat and it is difficult to determine what causes it. Nevertheless, there are treatment methods to deal with it as well as possible. What are the best advice in the treatment of this unpleasant pain?

Good treatment starts with the correct diagnosis. Only the right diagnosis leads to the right therapy and to a result. With nerve pain it is extremely important that cause is determined. Treatment always starts with treating the right cause. Take, for example, diabetes. If you do not treat diabetes well and do not tackle the cause, it will just come back. ​HealthandHerbs

Treatment of nerve pain

Nerve pain can be treated in different ways


Nerve pain is often not treated with classic painkillers. A different kind of remedy was used for nerve pain. The so-called Co-Analgesics. These are substances originally intended for a completely different indication, for example for depression or epilepsy, but which can also treat nerve pain in their side effects.

TENS / electric impulses

At Tens it is true that there is a box with batteries, where power comes from what can be delivered to plasters via wires. These are stuck to the skin at the painful part of the body. Giving extra power can lead to you experiencing a pain reduction.

Nerve blockades

With nerve blocks, it is often the case that a nerve is often sought under X-ray screening or with a current stimulator, and by giving warmth or cold on the needle, the nerve gets a bit of a turn on its head that ultimately leads to less of those spontaneous impulses.

Nerve operations

Examples of a nervous operation is, for example, an operation in the wrist. If the large nerve in the wrist is stuck, the surgeon can go through the tendon leaf, so that the nerve is released again. Another example of an operation to remedy nerve pain is the hernia operation. If you have a hernia of an intervertebral disc, a small piece of that bulge can be removed, so that the nerves are released again and the pressure is lost and the nerve can recover.


What you often see with nerve pain, and with all types of pain, is that people often become anxious or even depressed. If that is the case, then it can be useful to pay attention to this by means of good guidance.

Self treatment

Sometimes a piece of self-management is also important. Make sure you are in a stress-free environment, that you sleep well, that if cold is perceived as annoying, you dress yourself well, so that all these types of measures can reduce the pain.

Expert advice

If you think you have a nerve pain do not hesitate and go to your doctor. It is a difficult disease, not only for the patient, but also for the doctors. The treatment can sometimes be disappointing, but the sooner you are there with the treatment, the easier it is to heal the nerve pain.