Growth Hormone and Growth Hormone Treatment

Growth Hormone: buying growth hormone treatment and growth hormones. What does the growth hormone serve for and how does the body make it? The growth hormone is necessary for the growth of bones and vertebrae. The growth hormone in the body decreases later in life.

What are growth Hormones?

The growth hormone is also called the somatotrophic hormone, abbreviated GH or STH. These hormones stimulate body growth. Growth hormones are produced in the pituitary gland.

The pituitary gland is a gland that is located in a cavity behind the skull base. This gland produces many different types of hormones, including the growth hormone. The growth hormone is produced in the evenings, but also during movement of the body.

An excess of Growth Hormones

Growth hormone causes the growth of bones and vertebrae in children. When puberty is introduced, there will be an accelerated growth. This is because sex hormones are released during puberty, which promote the growth of the bones. The sex hormones ensure that the ossification of cartilage discs accelerates, so that the growth eventually comes to a standstill.

The growth hormone remains in the body. Normally this will not lead to extra growth. When an excess of growth hormone is produced, we often see giant growth in children . A deficiency of growth hormone leads to dwarfism. In adults, an excess of growth hormone can lead to acromegaly.

Growth Hormone Treatment

Growth hormone treatment is necessary in some diseases. One can think of hypopituitarism, where the pituitary produces too little hormone. Other causes of a deficiency of growth hormones are a tumor in the pituitary gland, a disease of the brain structure, inflammation or infection of the pituitary gland or a damaged pituitary gland. In the first instance, the growth hormone will not occur, later other hormones will no longer be produced. In dwarfism there is also a shortage of growth hormones.

In earlier years, the growth hormone was removed from the pituitary gland of deceased people. However, diseases were also transmitted with this. People who received the growth hormone from deceased people died. nowadays the growth hormone can be synthetically produced. The growth hormone is administered via an injection.

Approximately 1 in 10,000 people are deficient in growth hormones. This makes the patient feel unwell, has little energy, has difficulty with concentration, has trouble with memory and is easily tired. By administering the growth hormone, these complaints will usually disappear.

Effect of the administration of growth hormones

The administration of the growth hormone has a number of beneficial effects:

the muscle mass increases

bone density increases

more energy and endurance

reduction of adipose tissue

a lower cholesterol level

improved concentration

After starting to administer the growth hormone, side effects will occur in the first weeks. These include nausea, headache and muscle pain. Pain in the joints can also occur.

Buy Growth Hormone

Growth hormone is for sale in table form and is used by athletes or people who want to lose weight. However, the growth hormone must end up in the bloodstream, because otherwise it will not work. In tablet form, the gastric acid breaks down the proteins directly, thus negating the effect of the growth hormone. Growth hormone must therefore be injected daily by means of a hypodermic needle. Preferably in the evenings, when the pituitary gland would produce the growth hormone.

Growth hormones are sold under the name MGH (human growth hormone) or HGH. Growth hormones based on animal hormones or plant products do not work in humans. The only good form of growth hormone buying is the growth hormone prescribed by the doctor. All other forms of growth hormone that are available on the market do not work sufficiently.

The production of growth hormone itself can be stimulated. Growth hormones are released during deep sleep: it is therefore important that we get enough rest. Too much stress slows down the production of the growth hormone. Through movement we stimulate the production of growth hormone and the bones remain strong and healthy.

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