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Hormones: Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone

The sex hormones estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are important for how we feel. These hormones also play a major role in our sex life. Nevertheless, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone not only work on our mood and sex life, for a large percentage oestrogens, progesterone and testosterone influence our metabolic processes. This mainly concerns the metabolic processes of the brain, bones, blood vessels and mucous membranes.

So it is fun and interesting to know what the hormones estrogen, progesterone and testosterone do for us. For example, the hormone estrogen is known as the hormone for the woman. And that is not wrong, because estrogens are very important female hormones that lead all processes concerning pregnancy, fertility, female forms, firm skin, firm hair, moist mucous membranes and a good defense.


Estrogen is one of the best known hormones. Transitional complaints and faster aging around the transition are in part due to oestrogens. It speaks of the hormone estrogen in singular, but it is a group of estrogens . Estrogens are indispensable for female sexual development in puberty and for reproductive organs. They protect against a heart attack because of their positive influence on the fat content in the blood. Estrogens dilate blood vessels . As a result, many women after the menopause, when estrogens are greatly reduced, run a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. Estrogens ensurestrong bones. When their effect decays, after the menopause, women also run the risk of bone loss .

Scientists have also been thinking for some years that the chance of Alzheimer's increases due to estrogen reduction. Scientists do research with estrogens with the aim to discover whether the disease can indeed be prevented by estrogen therapy. The hormone estrogenare mainly produced in the ovaries. But the production of this female hormone also takes place in the placenta during pregnancy. In both men and women, the production of estrogens takes place for a small part in the adrenal glands. In the fertile years, women do not have a constant estrogen level. In the course of the menstrual cycle, the amount of available estrogens fluctuates. When the woman menstruates, the estrogen level is the lowest. The estrogen level is highest during ovulation, to reduce again fairly quickly. In the second half of the cycle, the estrogen production increases slightly, but does not become as high as during ovulation.


The hormone progesterone is produced by the yellow body (corpus luteum) after ovulation. This hormone promotes the implantation of the fertilized egg cell and the change of the uterine lining. The uterine lining focuses on the 'home feeling' of the embryo. The hormone progesterone plays a very important role in reproduction. The physical and mental well-being of women also depends to a large extent on the progesterone balance. The hormone progesterone stimulates the secretion of moisture and has a positive influence on the mood : it stimulates the production of the body's own opiatesin the brain. (these opiates work pain-relieving and balance). The blood vessels benefit from the hormone progesterone because the connective tissue becomes firmer. The hormone progesterone also participates in the construction of the myelin bed (coating of the marrow), which nourishes the nerves. The hormone progesterone thus has a calming and stabilizing effect on the brain functions.


Androgens are male hormones that also form female sex hormones . The production of these male hormones, the androgens usually stops after the end of the transition. The male hormones, the androgens, form in the adipose tissue the bass substance for the female hormones (the estrogens), so they give the bones a certain protection and thus take over a few tasks from the female estrogens. Androgens ensure that we have a good spiritual mood and that we feel like having sex.


The hormone testosterone is the most important male sex hormone. The hormone testosterone affects all body cells and is responsible for gender developmentbut also for male skin, bone and muscle building. This is important for the production of the red blood cells, which supply the body with oxygen. The hormone testosterone also provides mental balance and sexual desire. In the organs and in the tissue, not the male hormone testosterone but dihydrotestosterone is active. The hormone dihydrotestosterone works ten times as strong as testosterone. Men from middle age are affected by reduced production of sex hormones. This does not mean, other than with women, the end of their fertility. From about fifty years the man gets to deal with the andropause. The testosterone level then gradually decreases. Men then get complaints that are similar to the complaints of women in the transition: depression can occur,

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