Diet: Low-Calorie Diets

Low Calorie Diets

Low-calorie diets are a form of diet in which one carefully monitors the amount of calories that one gets in one day. The starting point is that the fewer calories you consume, the more you lose. The beer diet, the bread change diet, the fruit diet and the soup diet are popular calorie-poor diets. Herbals Daily

Beer Diet

Lose weight by drinking beer? It sounds like a fairy tale! The beer diet is particularly suitable for men, and in practice it seems to cause a kilogram of weight loss every two weeks. The starting point of the beer diet is "taking fewer calories than using = losing weight". With many diets you have to count calories time after time, which can be frustrating and inconvenient. In the beer diet you count the calories beforehand and determine the number of beers that you may eat one day, which you supplement with sandwiches.

Beer Diet Guidelines

Taking 1600-1700 calories per day

No guarantee of a healthier life, but on weight loss

Kind of beer does not matter

Vegetables, fruit, fatty fish and nuts are allowed

Bread change Diet

The starting point of the bread change diet is to eat only bread every day, wholemeal bread or multigrain bread are preferred. On a so-called ' bread day ' one can only drink water and black coffee and tea. It is said that in combination with movement you can lose two kilos per week.

The guidelines of the bread change diet

A bread day every day

Every day a 'normal' day on which you have to eat varied to get enough nutrients (including lots of fruit and vegetables)

Do not skip meals on the 'normal' days

Calorie diet

The starting point of the calorie diet is to reduce the amount of calories one gets in one day. You gradually learn which foods contain a lot of calories and which little, and which are healthier for the body and which are less healthy.

Calories diet guidelines

Divide your moments in six parts: breakfast, lunch and dinner and three snacks

Keep track of how many calories you get per eating time

Fruit Diet

The fruit diet is a diet that is easy to maintain, for weight loss and still very tasty! In the fruit diet you exchange two days of single fruit food with a day on which you take various other foods.

Fruit diet guidelines

Divide the eating moments as much as possible throughout the day

Eat enough protein

Ensure sufficient movement

Swallow one to two multivitamin tablets daily

Avoid grapes, bananas and avocados (these contain a lot of calories)

Soup Diet

The soup diet is a diet where one week of mainly vegetable soup alternates with a week of normal nutrition. The soup diet has a purifying effect on the body and can be sustained for as long as possible if you wish.

The guidelines of the soup diet

Eat as much soup daily as you want (homemade vegetable soup)

Fill the soup meals with certain foods on certain days (day 3 is for example banana day, day 2 vegetable day)

Other Low-Calorie Diets

In addition to the diets discussed above, there are many more diets that have a reduced calorie intake as a starting point. There are various slimming products that give you a balanced amount of calories in one drink or bar, so you do not have to constantly count yourself or you do not consume too many calories with a certain product. Examples of such meal replacements are:




Weight Care

It is very important for these products that you ensure sufficient intake of fruit and vegetables in addition to the products themselves. These are missing in most meal replacements.