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In our society it is fashion to shave yourself smoothly, under the armpits, on your chest, and for women even the legs and erotic zone. But almost everyone knows such a man or woman who is much more hairy than others. Some of these men or women are at peace with it, others are making every effort to get rid of it, and for some it is even a reason to end life.

Smooth is the norm

In our society there is a lot done against hair growth. For example, there are advertisements on TV or in the newspaper about new razor blades, hair removal strips etc. That is the norm is clear. A woman needs smooth armpits and shaved her legs, otherwise she just falls outside nowadays. A man should at least take care of himself, so the beard trimming / shaving, and there are more and more men who also shave their legs / chest / armpits. Revitol Product


In the distant past, Egypt was already depilated. This was done using a tweezers and hair removal cream. Many people find smooth skin not only beautiful, but also a lot more hygienic.

How to stop hair growth:


Everyone knows it, with a razor blade and shaving cream if necessary, shaving the hairs of the body. The disadvantage is that you can cut yourself and after a few days the hair just comes back, often even thicker. An advantage is that it is the solution that is most commonly used.

Waxing / Waxing

Waxing is removing hair through a sticky substance. When waxing / waxing, apply a so-called strip to the skin, then pull it off so that the hairs are literally pulled out. An advantage is that the hair root is often pulled into this way and you are freed from the hair longer. However, it is a lot more painful than shaving and depending on the body part, it depends on person to person or what it is about.


Often, women also epilate their eyebrows, epilation can be done in different ways. It can be done with tweezers, an epilator, with resin, waxing or even with a wire. The disadvantage of epilation is that it is very time-consuming and for some people also painful. skin care routine for 20s

Final Hair Removal:

Various methods are offered for permanent hair removal. One is through IPL light. It has become hugely popular over the past few years and has caused us to forget about electric hair removal. The IPL technique works as follows; a flash of light is applied to the skin by means of a device and a pigment in the hair root is able to absorb this light flash and convert it into heat. When it then becomes 70 degrees in that hair root, the hair follicles and everything that food comes through will sear and the hair will die off. Because the hairs have different stages of growing, the IPL technique will have to be repeated several times before everything is gone. The IPL depilation is smooth and painless after the treatments for the rest of your life. However, it is very expensive. A treatment can,

Incidentally, of course, no one is forced to depilate, the most important thing is perhaps to simply accept yourself as you are.

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