Hacks and Mods for Torchbearer RPG

Colonial Marines (Aliens Mod), Jared Sorensen

Rules for Contractors, Xenomorphs, Marines, kitty cats, and everything in between.

Civilian Contractor Rules (PDF)

USCMC Colonial Marines Rules (PDF)

Stray: Shadow Operatives (PDF)

Darkest Dungeon Hack, by Philipp Nussbaum

New classes, traits, locations and more inspired by the video game that was inspired by Torchbearer.

Rules Hack, (PDF)

Legend of Zelda Hack, by Kyle Greene

Triforcebearer: Hylians and Gerudo: a V2 of my Gerudo class for the Hyrule Torchbeaerer classes.


Hex Map Travel, by Michael Dunn-O'Connor


Decrepitude, by Jared Sorensen

There are starting ages in the main book and rules for how you get older but no rules for playing an older or younger character. Here's one attempt:


ob 4 Weddings and a Funeral, by Jared Sorensen


Deeds, by Jared Sorensen

Achievement awards given out for exceptionally good/bad/lucky play. Deeds points may be spent to re-roll all the same-valued dice (all 1's, all 2's, etc). Each player may spend a maximum of one Deed point per session. A player may only attain a Deed once, ever.

List of Deeds

• Loot: Fill a small sack with loot and carry it back to town.

• Fat loot: Fill a large sack with loot and carry it back to town.

• Crazy loot: Fill two large sacks with loot and carry it back to town.

• More loot than you can carry: Fill two large sacks and a backpack with loot.

• I’d like to go home now: Raise your Nature to 7.

• Funny look in his eyes: Lower your Nature to 0,

• The other white meat: Use a dungeon denizen as supplies for a Cook test.

• The Black Word: Roll 5+ dice and score no successes.

• Immortal Lords’ Favor: Roll 5+ dice and roll no failures.

• Fateful Day: Spend a Fate to re-roll a 6 and roll another 6.

• It started out good...: Start with Fresh, gain all the conditions except Dead.

• ...it ended bad: Start with Fresh, gain all the conditions including Dead.

• I have risen!: Remove the Dead condition.

• That Fresh Feeling: Keep the Fresh condition for an entire session.

• KIA: Gain the Dead condition during an adventure phase.

• Camp’s supposed to be fun: Gain the Dead condition during an camp phase.

• Irony: Gain the Dead condition during town phase.

• Wise Guy: Fill up a Wise’s progression

• Wise Old Owl: Fill up all of your Wise slots

• That’ll make a good story someday: Become maimed and lose a limb.

• In-fighting: Make a test against another player character, suffer a twist because of it.

• One-Shot: On the first test of a conflict, reduce your opponent’s disposition to 0.

• Oops: On the first test of a conflict, have your party’s disposition reduced to 0.

• Hail Mary: Get reduced to 1 disposition, then restore back up to your starting disposition and win the conflict.

• TPK: Everyone in the party suffers the Dead condition (shared jointly).

• You blew it: Roll 0 successes unopposed during a Feint vs. Defend or Attack vs. Feint.

Steel, Jared Sorensen

Steel defines your character's willingness to take life without hesitation, deal with extreme pain and trauma and survive at all costs.

Starting characters have Steel 0.

Gain +1 Steel:

• if you have Fighter 3+

• if you have Hunter 4+

• if you have Commander 5+

• if you have Healer 6+

• if you've ever broken your Belief

• if you've chosen to save your own life instead of another's

• if you've engaged in a Kill conflict

• if you've taken a life outside of a Kill conflict

• if your maximum Nature has ever dropped to 1

• if your natural Order of Might is or becomes 4+

You may only gain each Steel bonus once—they do not stack.

Effects of Steel

Steel 5

• Add +1D to Manipulator tests when intimidating others.

• When using Persuader or Orator, you are -1s.

Steel 6

• Add a second Afraid checkbox. You’re only Afraid if both of the boxes are checked.

• Add a second Angry checkbox. You’re Angry if any of the boxes are checked. Ignore the second Angry checkbox when gaining conditions from The Grind.

Steel 7

• Gain a second Instinct related to survival. This does not earn fate.

• You no longer gain fate for following your Belief.

Steel 8

• As Conflict Captain, gain +1 disposition during Kill, Capture or Chase conflicts.

• As Conflict Captain, suffer -1 to disposition for all other conflicts.

Steel 9

• Change your alignment to Chaos. Increase Might by +1 if you're Conflict Captain during Kill conflicts.

• You cannot lead as Conflict Captain for any other conflict type.

Steel 10

• Retire the character. They become an NPC villain.