Build and Maintenance Tools

To do this and to really enjoy it you need to come to terms with the fact you need to buy a pressure/vac test gun. Those are two tests that are mandatory to make sure your build does not fail early. You don't have to spend a lot of money. Out of all things I will list that is a must have.

1.Pressure/vacuum gun with the adapters for kit builders.

2. Case cracker/sealer in case you are for example replacing the bearings in your Stihl chainsaw

3. There are lots more to want and use.

Pressure Test Video And Required Tools

  • Pressure / Vacuum Gun (others mentioned in the video below.) You can spend a lot or a little. I paid 30$ for my gun.
  • Sealing plates 0000 855 8106 /
  • Steel plate over sealing plate is on Ebay
  • Decompensation hole plug part # 1122 025 2200
  • Carb flange is below for (MS660 and others)
  • Nipple is below

Part# 5910 850 4200

Nipple for pressure line


0000 855 9200

Brake spring tool - Assembly Tool part# 1117 890 0900

If you are new to the technical aspects of building you probably are unsure about the carburetor. I am including carb info under tools as the all important pressure testing tools will be here. Zama will not sell the Stihl carbs to us without going to the dealer and you can find many fully tuneable carbs from Walbro. I have a video on my site about the aftermarket brand I recommend. The oem type carb I recommend is the Walbro carb when the model is available. Of all the skills you need to master, tuning is critical. I will get around to covering that. But here, lets focus on the function so you can understand how to use the tools and how the carb functions in it's role. The pressure gun we will use on our saw builds will work on the carbs as well, so you don't have to have the pressure tool in the following video from Walbro. Its an excellent video, comprehensive and clear. Please watch it. The butterfly is the carb we will work with most of the time. Most of my series have a portion showing me testing the saws.

Watch this to learn about the crabs used in most saws, its from Walbro.

This is the ultimate testing kit. Definitely a big boy toy. You can get this straight from the Stihl dealer for less than $200, maybe much less. It has 90% of the things you will need to have fun. Worth every penny. Because, you know the work you complete is tested and true. Part # 0000 890 1701

Part # 5910 890 4400 for less than $170 If you have the means and have more than a couple of saws. This is a valuable tool to remove those pesky crank seals.

The Stihl EDT9 tachometer is new and affordable from your Stihl dealer part# 5910 850 1100