Current Project

October 2018 MS200t Build Kit What's in the box - Video 1

August 2018

July got away from me. I am going to be working on my 070 upgrading one of them to a 090 and on my MS440 I am going to upgrade the cylinder and carburetor. Its the 4th so it might take 10 days to get started. I ordered a aftermarket cylinder kit made in Taiwan that has a nikasil coating from a saw shop that says they sell them and never had to take one back and on the 440 I am using the meteor kit. Meteor does not make a 090 cylinder kit. The carb is the Walbro HD-15. I have had zero issues with the FarmerTec cylinder, I am using a oem carb that is more suited to the 460, all though the new cylinder may fix that and I stay with the oem. The saw cuts wonderfully but when it idles it kinda dances and I hope it calms down with the new cylinder kit and the exact carb, makes it go away. I have been mulling changing out the crank to one that has chome ball bearing. I have a source. All the changes to the 440 are just because I can. Just be fun and no telling what we will find...stay tuned

June 2018

I am going to compare the fit and finish of parts from a new supplier. Specifically, the MS380 FarmerTec handle that was not true to the mold they made to produce the part and has caused the saw kit to be a dud. I think, I hope that the new supplier from whom I purchased a MS381 handle will be a true copy of the saw that is sold in different parts of the world. The MS380 or the MS381 parts are not sold in the US where I am based. The MS380 and the MS381 are similar saws unlike comparing them to a 038 which is not similar other than the 038 magnum being a 72cc engine. I will also give you the supplier I bought from. They have been more honorable and willing to give you dependable facts about the parts they sell. So this will be interesting as well. Then I will dig up something else to do. I am waiting on some parts for improvements on the 070. Of course the weather has done nothing but rain, hopefully that will stop soon and some outside activities could begin.

As soon as i finish the MS380 I am going to upgrade my MS660 Top end with a Metero Cylinder Kit. Top of the line. I am getting some blowby on my rings with the FarmerTec cylinder, the low cost cylinders seem to be getting worse and this should make my saw last a long time without having to keep a check on the cylinder wear. Check them out.

May 2018

The MS380 was a kit I fell in love with and quickly realized there were real problems with it and a year and a half later I have possibly found another giant problem and hope it's discovery will solve the crisis and give us a really nice saw, something that will actually run right. Videos coming are:

1. The Elusive FarmerTec MS380 Kit Journey (1)

2. FarmerTec MS380 Teardown (4)

3. FarmerTec MS380 Fix (5)

4. FarmerTec MS380 Troubleshooting the Fix (1)

5. Be sure and watch FarmerTec MS380 Handle Options

This kit never saw much acceptance and I am unsure whether they ever had to repack boxes for distribution so the kits on sale today may be the same kits on sale then. Rpm's, Air Filter, Handle Copy were major issues. Every handle being sold by FarmerTec and other AM companies use the same mold and are off 3-5mm in size and usually include an inferior air filter that they changed the size on and a altered filter cover because they changed the filter and it attaches to the filter. Air Filter holds the choke. So there are lots of problems to overcome.

December 2017 to January 2018 Projects

My MS440 kit had a damaged oiler. It was working fine and dandy but with an upcoming project I could not afford to have it melt down when I needed it most so I made time for it.

I was very unhappy with the FarmerTec MS250 project. So many problems I have given up on it. The recoil failure was the last straw. But...I wanted one. So I found (12/16/17) a Stihl 025 in a pawn shop that is in great shape for a old saw. I pulled the muffler and it has a light coating of carbon and currently it is standing on its end in a 5 gallon bucket and the piston is set so the cylinder is tight and I filled the exhaust port with decarbonizer and will let it sit for 12-24hrs and then grind off the carbon with a dremel and go from there. I will start a video series on it. I think it will be a lot of fun. I will rob parts off the farmertec ms250 and use them on the 025. There are some interesting things to show you. The fuel line setup in particular and removing the carbon

Old news below

10/28/17 Started the MS250 kit and found a bunch of stuff wrong with the handle. The top buffer was installed on the handle and I spent two solid hours trying to get the buffer in the case. Finally, I removed the buffer from the handle and got it in the case and then put the buffer in the handle and that worked in short order. I punched a hole in the impulse line trying to get it connected through the engine shield. I then decided a piece of R3 fuel line would be a better choice as a replacement. The boot is really hard to pull through because the handle's holes edges are sharp and rough. The hole where the impulse emerges from the back to the front had a big piece of plastic standing up so the manifold ear would not lay down, I had to sand that off. If you would not have seen that it would have caused trouble. I will say that's not my first impulse install , but the first I damaged. I may have been the line.

The Walbro WT-215 carb I bought to replace the kit carb was an impulse buy until I saw the carb and compared them. Check out the setup on both. The Farmertec had a defect that would have cause a bad seal and the orifice was flush rather than recessed. I marked them in red in the photo below so you can compare. I later noticed the fuel inlet was not pushed all the way in like it is on the real deal next to it.

I reported to them the things that were wrong or missing at the time and they said they would resend. But they did not. I had to ask again. That was another week lost. For the life of me I don't understand why they are acting so bad. They pretend to want to help but they actually don't, its taking a very long time. This kit is a lot of trouble. I do not recommend it unless you don't mind a 8-10 week wait, until you get everything straight with them. I really recommend taking the steps I outlined on the other page in dealing with them. You are going to wait either way, but this way it slows their money down until they get this corrected. They are slowing us down, we slow them down. My microphone broke and it will be about 10 days before that is corrected and I can start editing the videos I have made.

11/13/17 A message indicated that FarmerTec fired the flywheel company and hired an excellent producer to handle their business and serve our needs. Looking forward to that.

No way yours is like mine. That side screw is covered up and not on yours. Major issue, different gas caps too. Yours is not a aftermarket part sold in the US. All AM handles/fuel are 3-5mm too short. shows up in the screw on the side being hidden, the way the oem filter fits in and a few other things. OK thats all I have to say on that. Thanks for showing me.