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(7/19)I get requests for me to build a saw for someone from time to time and I have yet to commit to it. Recently I have decided to do it on a limited scale. I will build the complete engine and ship it to you and you can finish your build. It will reduce the number of tools and so forth you need to invest in. But still give you sweat equity in the project. The shipping will be cheaper and it will be easier for me to pack. The engine has both sides and top finished with a pressure test completed on the cylinder, the cylinder would have the boot attached. The dogs will not be attached to keep the packing from being destroyed in transit.

So I would use many aftermarket parts but all OEM where it counts.

  • 54mm Meteor Cylinder Kit w/ OEM circlips
  • OEM Brake Band
  • OEM Brake Lever
  • OEM Fuel Hose
  • OEM Oil Hose
  • OEM Oil Sealing Ring
  • High Quality West Coast Clutch Cover
  • OEM Worm Gear
  • OEM Decomp Valve
  • OEM Chain Adjuster Spur Gear, Adjusting Screw, Oring
  • Starter OEM Rotor with an ElastoStart Cord and Handle with OEM Spring

How will I price this? Basic parts today are 110$ the OEM parts will cost whatever I am charged and will include the receipts for those in the box. I ball parked the OEM list at around 285$ so around 500$. I of course would provide a firm price after calling my dealer. Shipping will depend on where you live. And would need to know your shipping address. I would have to buy packing because you want to get it in good shape and I don't have packing material laying around. Would be thrifty as possible. Get your engine home in good shape where you can have some fun and enjoy piece of mind. No warranty. I will not make a mistake building it and if I did offer a warranty I would need to charge more. Meteor and Stihl stand behind their stuff and you will have the receipts.

Best way to reach me to start with is on my about page on Youtube channel link on my front page here, from a desktop computer, the link does not show up on mobile or with instagram (the1chainsawguy). If i post my email I would get spamed.

I happened upon these handy fuel tags. What a great way to protect your equipment, the have decals also. I will give you my thoughts and photos soon. Prevents Fatal mistakes with the fuel cans.

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Much more, different kinds. Take control of your fuel.