Chainsaw Milling

Lets first talk about equipment and since there is a thousand opinions on this and a lot of the outcome depends on a wide range of factors I am going to first talk about what it takes to get started. First off the things many beginners don't consider are...

Your saw must be up to the task. Its very hard on the chainsaw. So only use the best fuel and oil. I think 32:1 of the best oil is the right choice. Next is the sharpest chain. The chain will dull much faster that cutting firewood. So if you are out for a day of fun you may want to have 3-4 chains with you. You can hit a nail or a bullet in a tree and bust your chain besides dulling because you have been busy for hours. If you have a metal detector that you can use, it could save you.

People will argue the point over chainsaw chain in 3/8 or .404 and I think .404 makes more sense on 070 or larger saws, its larger and 50 people will argue against that. So spend some time and look at both options and make the decision that makes the most sense to you. Often the argument is made, well, all my other saws are 3/8, this would make it more convenient. I think that is the wrong time to apply that logic, you are not milling with those other saws. But this is your decision.

If you are going to use the FarmerTec MS660 to mill with I recommend you replace the few parts I have mentioned on these pages with OEM. Plus, that you also check the cylinder head / muffler bolts every 8 hours of milling. Not because its FarmerTec, because you are milling, period.

This is where not using the carb that comes with the kit is advisable. I have a video of the HLiC carb adding the .74 jet on homepage. Best to just buy the Walbro WJ-76-1 carb, it uses the .74 jet. from

This carb setup will give you the right oil volume to protect your saw while you are milling. It's my preferred FarmerTec MS660 setup period. It's a thirsty saw to start with and I want it to have lots of good oil in the cylinder while it works. Use an NGK plug when you are milling or all the time. ( I personally use H1R oil at 4oz per gallon of AV100 gas and it loved it. I get a quart of oil for 23$. Even gas at 5$ a gallon that puts a quart of fuel at $1.25 and add .72 cents in oil. So I have less than 2$ per fill up and that is great insurance. MotoMix is 8$ a qt.)

Another thing is change out the kit ms660 handlebar is too light. Buy a used oem or better yet buy the Farmertec wrap handle its tough and a good price. The kit handle can bend on you when you have it sideways. Plus, you can leave your dogs off if you are going to keep it in your mill. That will give you more room to cut in the mill. You need to understand that you are going to have this fatty on its side a lot and your fuel pickup needs to stay submerged in fuel. The FarmerTec MS660 hose has a lot of kink and you need to stop at half tank and fill up. A Stihl pickup might have enough weight to help hold it down, weigh them to see. Might want to watch and make any needed adjustments until the hoses relaxes and you are sure it moves freely and pickup stays covered in fuel or you will soon be unhappy. Maybe a couple of months??

Keep those chains razor sharp. There is a great tool for sharpening chain, Pfred CS-X if using full comp . Your engine will not last if you don't keep a sharp chain on your saw at all times. I will not talk about chain, that is a complicated subject that you need to understand. Lots of information available. See below for the fellow to see about your bar and chain, he sells the CS-X too.

The FarmerTec 070 is actually my saw of choice for milling. By simply changing the cylinder out it can becomes a 090. Both are just perfect for milling. You can even change the sprocket out and install a 6 lined shoe clutch. I have a how to video on the FarmerTec 070 saw kit assembly too on my YouTube channel.

Photo to the left is a clutch cover cut down to size. Provides a cool clutch while you mill. Makes changing out the chain easy too. Awesome.

Look Under kit facts for more info. As a whole there are tips located all over the site.

Mitty sells carbs. The HL-324A Tillotson Carb is recommended for the 070/090. They carry carbs for echo, husky, stihl and many other brands. Rebuild kits too. Great service.

This guy has the equipment and knowledge to supply bars, chain and sharpening services. Check out his website and he can help you get what you need. I visited his shop and I was blown away at his equipment and knowledge. He can straighten a bent bar, I did not know they had equipment for that. He does. Cannon is not cheap.