Dealing with the Chinese effectively.

I have spent a great deal of energy promoting the kits because they make a great hobby and can produce a great saw and people did not trust sending that much money to them for something they have never seen. One of the most frustrating aspects is when they screw something up and the fact that culturally they will not say no, and they lead you in a circle. Send me picture, send me drawing and then they do, exactly, what they were going to do in the first place, and more times than not, they are going to repeat the exact same mistake, over and you see where this is going? Very often they win, because the second time, they have you trained and you give up. You go this is so cheap I will just forget it. That causes all of us more harm than good, it re enforces their bad behavior.

These are not stupid people, they remind me very much of a teenager, pushing the limits. Where most Americans only speak English these folks are speak 2-4 languages and English is one of them. So do not be fooled by they way they interact with you, its an act.

American companies can be scoundrels as well. We actually have a better chance with them dealing through Paypal or eBay than our American companies. I find lots of sellers on eBay have many names. I recently bought a carb. The listing said HLiC MS660 carb, showed a photo. Not what I got. They acted like they did not understand. What's to understand, look at your photo and look at your product, they don't match. That happened 4 times in a row and the 5th time a Chinese company went into his warehouse looked and sent me a photo that matched the listing photo. I bought one and said if this is correct i will buy two more and I did the day it arrived and told him I was impressed. That is how we need to work with them and we will save a ton of money and they will too, once they see its more profitable for them to do it right the first time. So I propose...............

A solution:

  • Take photos of item when it arrives and tag them so you can quickly find them later.
  • If the item is not as described, broke, missing whatever. Report it immediately, include a screenshot of the item ad, photos, IPL drawing screenshot showing where it goes, and write a note asking them to replace the part, review everything and ask yourself can these people see what I am talking about? Is it stone cold clear? Be nice, be honest. Make sure all the information is in that communication the first time.
  • You will get a request for the same information you included in the initial email. That might confuse you, it might make you angry since you sent them a well documented request to start with.
  • Do not bother responding to them. Open a PayPal or eBay case and supply the same information you sent the Chinese company, screenshots really help here, let them scramble. This will work and when a thousand people do it, it affects they rates they pay. They survive on those two system.
  • I feel strongly that in short order they will change their behavior. You will be taken care of.
  • A tip. Getting them to replace the shorted, broken part is the most important thing. Do not ask for the old part, make them take it back. You will lose the battle if you accept it. Also, do not withdraw the case, if you do you will never see the end. withdraw when you have the correct part in hand. If you can use a credit card to purchase you will have a bullgog on your side rather than a mean rabbit like paypal and you show the credit card company what I just outlined to you. They will lose every time.