This page will change frequently.

2/19/2021 Guys watch out for fake washers. I found attractive kits that look to hold an assortment of sizes which would be a delight to have. Fake crap. Would not protect our saws from vibrating loose.

01/11/2021 I want to recommend you use a leaded gas in your kits to reduce the heat. I think it greatly reduces the chance of catching a ring. You likely have seen me use AV100. They have really become buttholes about selling that unless you own a plane. I have found an alternative, race gas. I have been told there is more than one refinery that sells the stuff. Sunoco is in my area. I have settled on "Surge", it checks all the boxes for us. If you buy Trufuel which does not have lead which is a lubricant you will pay about 25$ a gallon. I am paying +9$ a gallon. Half the cost. The lead in Surge is our friend and it lasts a very long time, if you keep your lid on tight. I have a bunch of empty Trufuel cans that I use to transport the fuel mix to the work site. I put about 28oz in and one can will fill my 660 up. Its neater than filling up with a five gallon can. I use an old ice tea pitcher to mix and pour and a funnel to get my fuel supply ready. Did you realize that pouring in one ounce of your favorite oil in that quart can will provide a 32:1 ratio. Go leaded!

8/24/19 It has come to my attention they have problems with the 070 and the 660 cases. The 070 the hole the fuel line drops in is to large and the 660 bearing race is to small. This occurs in the manufacturing process and will affect every single kit produced until they run out of the part. They do not fix kits that have bad parts, they ship them and let you worry with getting them to fix it, so be sure you charge the purchase on a credit card when checking out with paypal and when they balk about sending out a good part notify your credit card company. I have a section dedicated to dealing with them. First step is reporting to paypal. wait a few days and do a credit card chargeback. paypal determines their rate based on complaints, it will not help you but cost them money in the long run. Your credit card company will bail you out if you handle it correctly.

1/9/19 Starting the 070 or 090 can be a bear to start. Recently some have confused the saw trying to jerk their arm off as a failure of the decomp. We are not happy with the decomp because it can destroy your saw when it falls apart, like dropping the pin down in the cylinder. I am going to suggest you get something similar to a 2ft piece of 1x4 and slip it in the handle and stand on one side of the board. To start the saw depress the decomp, Pull slightly on the recoil (this step is really important) until you feel it catch, keep it taunt and then and pull hard. Depress the decomp again, pull slowly on the recoil until it catches, hold taunt and then yank it repeat until it cranks. I hear from, people that the decomp is not working. I feel like it just tried to tear their arm off and the don't realize that there is an important step they are missing and that is positioning the recoil before you yank and they equate that with the decomp failing and that is not true and it confuses the operator.

10/24/18 Holzfforma G660 Chainsaw bears repeating that some of the parts should be considered for replacement. I see where the rotor is failing and the simple fix is to use the OEM rotor. Its the same saw as the kit just blue. I will replace a few of the parts and keep an eye out for signs of trouble. The kit did not get foil for example this chainsaw has foil under the muffler so you need to consider now the throttle assemble and the carb. I will look closely at those after i run it. I will not pull the top to replace the piston bearing, different purpose, different mindset for me. Look at the bottom of the page for some steps.

10/1/18 Caper rings, not a good idea for non-nikasil coated cylinders. Did you know that all of their authentic rings have the word "caber" engraved on each ring. I bought some that had large cans of caber rings in the photo of the sales ad, and not one of the rings had their mark. So don't let that fool you. It happened with a good seller here in the States and one from Greece. One refunded my money and the guy in Greece argued with me and my credit card company took care of it

8/24/18 A word of caution. The new tree saw kit the 200t can be a dangerous saw. Now if you are hanging from ropes in a tree not so much. Why? My experience is the saw is light and small and the kickback is swift. This type saw is not like a regular saw and so as you make your kit buying choice and say to yourself "this does not apply to me, I been handling saw for years." If you have, then you know what I am telling you is true, so keep that in mind. Be safe! Happy building.

On another matter if you are using an early Holzfforma Mill, I recently had 3 issues, two were with the bolt and connecting nut. Their job is to keep the saw in the frame and they locked up. I have not unbolted my saw yet to look closely at it. Either the channels steel is too soft or the bolt was. 3 Bolts and connecting nuts were replaced. The thread was M8x1.25. When I get a minute I will show you. As long as you know whats going on you can protect yourself and the saw. Not sure why it showed up now (later). Hardware store had some.

6/11/18 We are having a rash of worm gear failures, they are spinning and not turning. oiler. Keep an eye on it. go oem if needed

4/11/18 It has come to my attention that the FarmerTec MS660 Cylinders have a problem and many people are having complete failures that involve you having to replace everything but the case. I am looking into it and will post when I have more information and that might be as long as two weeks. I know this is important information and it effects my current kit. The saws are failing after 3- 15 tanks, more frequently 3. It appears the cylinders geometry is out of whack. I knew this was the case with the Cross cylinders and since I have never recommended them I assumed we were safe...but it appears we are not. I am at the two tank threshold on my current kit. I had a Cross cylinder on it and removed that cylinder when I had issues. I put the FarmerTec back on and it seemed to be OK. Others noticed no issues with thier FarmerTec cylinders until they just failed and no one bothered to speak up. That's a shame. I try to help others. Everyone must not feel the same that is a problem.