The Merchant

You get what you pay for.

Mount Carmel's one and only stop for the realest Caravan community news, The Merchant tells it like it is, with staff from all of the important grade levels reporting on the goings-on at the bestest school in Chicago. 

What does the admissions office staff get up to during the school day, when not bringing in shadows? How has the student government been cracking down on the uprisings? And does Coach Anto really need to play the trumpet all the time? Find out in Issue 5, right here.

Check out the last issue in Volume 1, where The Merchant covers lawsuits from Mr. Glonek and Mr. Baffoe, as well as teachers' progress on MC's ancient to-do list. 

From a new years resolution from Mr. Nolan to a new apple fritter review from Mr. Bax, Issue 4 has it all- even including a new comic! Check it out here.