Chemical and Translational Biology (CTB)

A lab at the interface of biology, chemistry, physics and computational science

The focus of my lab is on the development of novel assay and screening technologies addressing unmet needs in drug discovery. By integrating our technologies into a small molecule and peptidomimetic discovery process, we aim to identify tool compounds, small molecular probes and where possible, hit and lead compounds. We use the probes to study molecular recognition mechanisms and mode of actions in-vitro and in relevant cell types. As a member of SynthSys we aim at screening whole target platforms and domain platforms. We emphasis our efforts on difficult / “undrugable” targets or even orphan proteins, enzymes and receptors, like intrinsically unfolded-, allosteric- or protein-protein interaction targets. We focus on 3 disease areas: cancer, infectious diseases, and neurodegenerative diseases.

CTB, CH Waddington building, University of Edinburgh, the King's Buildings