WiFi Connection

Using Condor with external PDA (from Condor's manual)


Connect Condor to XCSoar running both on different devices via internet/wifi connection

1. Install HW VSP3 – Virtual Serial Port.

You can choose standalone installation (without Server/Client option)

2. Condor device (computer) and XCSoar device (Computer/Android phone/Kobo Mini) must be connected to same WiFi network /router

3. Note IP address of XCSoar device e.g. from wifi settings

4. In XCSoar FLY mode go to Config / Devices / Edit Device e.g. Device A

Port: select TCP Port

TCP Port: 4353

Driver: Condor Soaring Simulator

5. Start Condor, go to Setup > Options > NMEA Output and check number of the last existing COM port (e.g. COM4). Exit Condor.

6. Start HW VSP3, go to Virtual Serial Port tab and set:

Port name: COM5 ( or choose COM number higher than the last existing one in step 5). It can be a big number: e.g. 100

IP Address: IP address of XCSoar device (e.g.

Port: 4353 (port from XCSoar device A configuration)

Click “Create COM”, leave HW VSP3 window in the background.

7. Start Condor, in Setup > Options enable NMEA output and choose virtual com port (e.g. COM5 created in step 6)

8. Start flight!