Download Landscapes

Get them free on SkyLinesCondor.

Or If you have a paid Condor Club account, use their Condor Updater.   The unpaid account service is too slow and disconnects too often to use. 

Moving landscapes to another drive

You can put Condor on any drive, or just move Landscapes to another drive and use a symbolic link to make the Landscapes folder appear as in your Condor installation.  Example:  You move your Landscapes folder from C to another drive called E.  You must delete the Landscapes folder from C before doing the following: open command prompt (cmd) window "As Administrator" and type:  

mklink /D "C:\Condor2\Landscapes" "E:\Landscapes"   

You will see a Landscapes folder link appear in the Condor 2 installation.  (The "/D" is for a directory link).

Current Landscapes for TeamXC

For Friday group flights and Monday races we often use

Landscapes for the near future:

Taking a break from: