Maps -- Polars -- Waypoints

Sources: XCSoar, Lynn Alley's site, Turnpoint Exchange, Condor landscapes .cup files.

In real flight or in Condor, you need to fly with a device to show your height-above-glide to nearby airports and to explore routes as you fly. The Condor PDA is pretty limited.


We recommend the free XCSoar or Top Hat for Android, Windows, Windows Mobile, Linux, MacOS. (Top Hat is a variation of XCSoar and they use the same files). Download from your app store (tablet or phone) or from their website (computers).

You need to link your device to Condor so it send the GPS for your track on XCSoar. Explained in the last appendix of the Condor Manual



XCSoar polars You need these to select a glider so the flight computer knows the drag. The -FXB polars are with full ballast.

To install, simply copy the .xcp files into folder xcsoardata/polars. You may have to create the folder.

For SeeYou Mobile, open the XCSoar polar with a text editor and you should have all the info you need to create a SeeYouMobile polar on your device


In .cup format for XCSoar, Top Hat, or SeeYou Mobile