Condor sim


Condor 2 manual

Default Condor keyboard controls. A list you might want to print and have handy while you fly


1. Install Condor 2 (Standard Version is fine)

2. Install the latest patch and hangar update from Condor Updates

3. Load more sceneries from our Sceneries page (instructions there).

4. Test out a multiplayer game.

  • First close your Condor program.
  • Go to or CondorClub server list and click "Join" on any server that shows "Joining Enabled", and is using a landscape (scenery) you have installed (everyone has Slovenia2 scenery installed). You'll probably see some TeamXC flights there you can fly.
  • Condor will open with a MultiPlayer window. Click "Join"on the lower right.
  • You'll see the map and can look at the weather. You can save the flight plan and try it from Free Flight later.
  • Choose a plane under Hangar. Click "Join Flight".

Minimum experience needed: Condor flight lessons

Go through all the intermediate and advanced flight lessons under Flight School found on the Condor program main menu, including reading the description, View Lesson (demonstration) and Try Lesson (practice)

Intermediate lessons:

  1. Thermal soaring
  2. Ridge Soaring
  3. Wave Soaring
  4. Upslope Winds
  5. Outlanding

Advanced lessons

  1. Using PDA and Navigation (tasks)
  2. Mc Theory
  3. Final Glide
  4. Flaps and Water

Loading flight plans (tasks)

Save a downloaded flight plan (.fpl file) to the folder documents/Condor/flightplans . Then in the Condor sim, open Freeflight>Load>User Flightplans and choose the flight plan.