Discord audio

Discord, discordapp.com, is a modern team audio communication method. It has a great app for your computer but can also be used in your browser. Also allows video chats and screen sharing.

Go to https://discord.gg/rFRC2fC or tinyurl.com/teamxc1 to get to the server "Team XC", an icon with two gliders. You'll create a Discord account.

  • You need a headset or earphones with mic. Computer speakers are a problem because your mic broadcasts your game sounds to everyone else, unless you use push-to-talk.
  • Go to the bottom left of the app and click the settings gear. Under Voice and Video you can test and adjust your mic and output (speakers). If you can hear your voice clearly in your headphones, you are good to go. Voice Activity seems to work well, so we use it instead of push-to-talk.
  • Hit ESC to get back to the main app
  • When you join us, click on the Lobby channel of Team XC, or a team channel if we are flying there.

Get Discord app for your phone. Android and iOS.

  • It will give you a backup way to talk in flight if your computer has an audio problem.
  • You can see the text-chat from your phone.