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Welcome to cooperative soaring

We're on summer break until Oct 1, but there will still be some pickup flights arranged on Discord

See Landscapes used in the flights below.

Click on a calendar item below for details:

Calendar created for US Mountain Time. See time zone converter

To get the flight plans, see Forum-Emails

Monday and Friday flights are OLC-style, on server "TeamXC Group -ignore gates-", or

  • We fly as a group, and most of us will start at or just before the time on the calendar (the server appears at about 20 minutes before the hour). Because we ignore gates, join times on the server are very open...if you're late, come and fly with us anyway. You can join the flight and start flying any time in a 4 hour window.

  • You can "restart" your flight if you land at an airport.

  • Due to the open join times, if you crash you can fully exit Condor, then re-join and be back with the group.

  • Tasking is open as well. There is a suggested line to follow, however you are not required to follow that line. Typically we try to get abreast and past the end of the line anywhere on the map, then we free-fly for additional distance and triangle points usually returning to the start airport.

  • Because of the 4-hr join times, the gates are inactive. This is important for new people coming into the Mon & Fri flights. There is no requirement to fly to the start and finish gates, and they won't change color. Just launch and fly off in the general direction of the line.

  • We don't care much about scores; you can fly longer if you want more points...they are just used for fun on the day of the flight, and depend on the duration goal each pilot has for a given flight. Scores on are based on distance and a roughly symmetrical triangle that might fit in your track. Usually you will want to close your path (make a loop) for triangle scoring. That means remembering on your final glide to fly across some part of your track usually close to the beginning, but after you released from tow. Then your track will have a loop that a triangle can fit inside.

  • Upload your flights to

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