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Welcome to cooperative OLC and safari flights with us

Our OLC type group flights are unique in the Condor community. Here you can team fly, explore and experiment, and practice the kind of soaring most common in the gliding world. We have a goal of getting past a goal line, but everyone can find their own way there (and back if you have time). No points for speed, just distance and an open track (triangle).

TeamXC is on safari on Condor about once a month, working our way slowly from Norway to Greece. Last spring we ended up in the southern part of Norway. Last fall/winter we flew from Tipella, Canada (40 nm north of the border, the furthest point north on the Cascade Range landscape) and worked our way south over the weeks to Rosario, Mexico, the most southern airport in the Baja California landscape. Safari here means that each task’s southern-most airport becomes the start airport for the next task which will generally go further south.

We fly OLC tasks most of the time and safari once a month on Fridays 9p ET on the "TeamXC Group -ignore gates-" server which appears on public servers about 25 minutes before flight time. The best server list (IMO) is because it’s easy to read and can be sorted by name, but you’ll also find us at . We hope you’ll get your headset on and talk with us on Discord. Please upload your tracks to

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More cooperative racing tasks with us

We'll be flying racing tasks Mondays 9p ET. But cooperatively...we make plane icons visible for the max distance (16 nm), and talk on Discord to share what's happening in our flights and have fun. The race will appear on the server "TeamXC - Race" about 25 minutes before the hour, and have a join time of 35 minutes, so you have to join by 10 minutes after the hour. Please upload your tracks to

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