Etiquette for Swimming

To: All Atascadero Masters Swimmers,

From: Coach Keith(K-Man) and Coach Nancy

Thank you for your participation in Atascadero Masters Swimming. Our program has enjoyed great success and our numbers have grown substantially over the years. With the growing numbers we thought it would be a good idea to review group swimming etiquette which will help to restore order within all of our swim lanes. Please read through and practice these guidelines which are mostly from USMS(U.S Masters Swimming). We trust you understand that these guidelines are set for the benefit of the entire group to ensure safety and trouble free swimming. If you have Special Needs then discuss your limitations with the coach. If a swimmer finds s/he is unable to participate in the workout under these etiquette guidelines it may be appropriate to swim in lane one.

Lane Etiquette

    • Swim in a lane where you can make the intervals.

    • Leave 5 to 10 seconds apart unless otherwise decided by coach

    • Follow the set as given by the coach.

    • Wear gear only as requested by the coach.

    • Be conscious of those swimming in front of and/or behind you.

    • If needed, to keep the lane together during sets, it is not inappropriate to do a little extra or just a little less.

    • If you need to sit out during a set, move to the corner of the lane or sit out on the side of the pool.

    • Choose appropriate lane leaders

    • Recommended only two swimmers side by side during kick sets. Be aware not to block the lane.

    • If you believe you may be unable to complete a set, move to the back of the lane.

Lane Leading

The first swimmer in the lane must understand the set and all the intervals, be able to see and read the pace clock and have a good sense of pace. If you typically take it out fast and fade, you are better off swimming the set behind a teammate who will pace the set better. The Lane Leader should use common sense and realize the way he/she swims the practice affects everyone in the lane. The other swimmers need to support their Lane Leader politely, correcting errors and electing new leaders at the correct times.

Modifying the Practice

Our coaches frown upon modifications to the practices since they have designed each one with certain goals in mind. Nevertheless, when only some or one of the swimmers in a lane is making adjustments, there can be problems, and possible injury. All swimmers in a lane should discuss modifications before beginning the set, and they need to agree on the new plan.

Starts, Turns, and Finishing

Negotiating the walls properly leads to a smoother running lane.

Pushing Off: The leader in the lane should always be on the far right side of the lane, ready to push off into the swimming lane. The other swimmers should move to the right side of the lane as their turn to push off approaches and as the people ahead leave.

Turning: As you approach the wall for a turn, cross over to the far left hand corner of the lane once the people ahead of you have passed by. Make your turn in the left corner of the lane, and push off along what is now the right side of the swimming lane. If you experience crowding at the walls and there are a limited number of swimmers in the lane, consider leaving with 10 seconds between swimmers.

Finishing: As in turning, finish at the wall and as far to the left in the lane as possible. Leave wall space so that ALL swimmers behind you have an opportunity to get to the wall.

Passing: Communicate a passing strategy within your lane before the set begins. The same strategy will not always work in all lanes. If you stop for any reason in the middle of the set, stay to the far right corner of the lane, out of the way of the other swimmers.

Any Questions or concerns? Just ask a coach.

Thank you,

Coach Nancy

Coach Keith (K-Man)

(communications person-Mark)