Member Quotes

Louise Comar - What first drew me to Team K-man was the athletic comraderie at 6:00 am, first on the bike and then (reluctantly) in the pool. Workouts are so much more fun when the pain and dark are shared! And while I enjoy the common interest of everyone in sports, I have also found it wonderfully refreshing to share in the diversity of people's occupations, families and other interests.

Ellen Beraud - What I like about Team Kman is the amazing variety of people we have to workout with and be friends with. I think we all learn from each other and we respect each other's opinions. We are also very accepting of differing athletic abilities. We all push ourselves and appreciate the support from other team members. Kass does an exceptional job as swim coach, always surprising us with treat and other incentives to show up (at workouts) Thank you!!!

Mike Bickel - The comraderie of all the team members, Chasing Keith, Kurt, Glenn,.......on the bike. Trying to get Boomer winded in the pool. All the parties. Kass's endless encouragement.

Boomer Grace - The inspirational reciprocity.

Coach Kass Flaig - I love the support and the encouragement that everyone gives to one another. It is really a HUGE part of my life, this team. I feel blessed to have developed the friendships that have become possible through Team K-Man. I TOTALLY enjoy being the coach and helping anyone and everyone reach their fitness goals!!!

Jennifer Glenesk - I enjoy being able to stay fit, healthy, and motivated; hearing Kass's encouraging words! and treat days!

Mark Glenesk - The comraderie, encouragement, and team spirit among friends. And......with all this exercise I can eat a Snickers Bar whenever I want.

Pam Nargie - for years I've admired the riders I saw on the side of the road and thought.... Someday, that will be me?. And then I met the SLO Bike Club group and then Keith and the rest is history. Camaraderie with such a great group! I'm so touched by everyone putting up with my learning curve and struggles in the pool and on the road. As much as I tell my body to do something it doesn't always follow orders and it's so helpful to be surrounded with such great athletes who have stories and encouragement. I'm guessing the only thing that will get me out of bed on an icy black morning is knowing a pool full of great athletes will be there too, and that's powerful! I have to add, Kass's enthusiasm, organization, talent, knowledge and great concern for "The Group" is an awesome motivator.

Mike Zappas - I love the goodwill and positive feedback. I love having friends to work out with. I really like the friendly competition. I know that I will improve much more as a result of our Team. I think the outfits are too cool!!

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