How much are dues? This information is on the Membership page

What do the dues pay for? The dues pay for informal coaching, our web presence, organization, team newsletters, free Team Wear, Challenge Awards, speakers at Team Meetings, motivational activities, member's networking links*, awards, and more.

Is Team Kman a triathlon club? Team Kman does have members that do triathlons, but we also have many members that focus on just one sport. After a length of time in the club, some members begin training in another sport(cross training). A member is encouraged to participate at the level at which he or she is comfortable. We also have a Masters Swim Team, KMan Masters.

I only Bike do I have to pay full dues? Yes, The Team feels that to not take part in activities is a member's choice. The math shows that the membership is more than appropriate for the benefits available. Most of the dues go toward activities not related to doing the individual sports.

Can I show up and bike with the Team but not pay dues? Yes, The Team welcomes you. However, we trust that given time you will recognize the benefits and become a member.

What is the best bike for me? K-man Cyclery can answer any question related to biking. K-man Cyclery is located in Atascadero.

How far does the group swim on MWF from 6-7am? Our workouts are from 2500-3000 meters.There are four lanes of varying ability.

What happens at the Team meetings? We generally socialize for the first hour. We then enjoy an excellent pot luck dinner. After dinner there is a meeting. and a guest speaker presenting a topic related to sport, health, or training.

Can I bring my kids to the Team meeting? Yes, Team Kman is an excellent group of individuals and families celebrating a healthy lifestyle.

I'm nervous because I am a beginner. Is Team Kman for me? - Yes, we have a wide variety of interests and levels. Team Kman will help you reach your goals. Email us with questions. Generally you are ready to join us if you can ride your bike 20 miles in 2 hours. If you are still nervous read this letter.

(*networking links are for member's businesses that do not compete with our primary sponsor Kman Cycle and Run