Amended 12-6-2007

Article I

Name: The official name shall be Team K-Man.

Article II

Team Purpose: Team K-Man is an organized team of fitness enthusiasts who train for and participate in various athletic events including (but not limited to), triathlons, marathons, bicycling events, and adventure racing. Team K-Man offers several group workouts each week and frequent team meetings. The team provides an environment for members who share a common interest in developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Article III

Team Membership: Membership is open to any individual who shares in the common purpose of Team K-Man. Each member shall be required to pay annual dues, the amount to be determined by the Board. Membership shall run from January 1st through December 31st. All memberships are subject to board approval.

The Founding Members will be exempt from paying membership dues.

The board reserves the right to grant complementary / honorary memberships at will.

.Article IV

Section 1:

Governance -

a) The Team Leader of Team K-Man will have the responsibility of general management of the team.

b) The Co-Leader will perform the duties of the Team Leader in the absence of the Team Leader. Additionally the co-leader will have the responsibility of collecting team dues, maintaining the team account and providing team funds as needed for team purchases. The co-leader will provide a financial report to the Board on a quarterly basis and a financial report to the entire team at least twice per year and will be responsible for keeping records of the membership of Team K-Man (i.e.. Team Roster).

c) The above positions are to be filled by way of selection and approval by the Board and serve at will.

d) Five Advisors will be nominated and elected by the members. Any team member may volunteer or be nominated for an advisory position. They are responsible for attending Board Meetings and will assist as needed during the term year. Advisors will serve a two-year term beginning January 1st and ending December 31st. Responsibilities of the advisors will be assigned from time to time by the board.

Section 2:

Resignation - Any member of the board may resign at any time. Recommendations by the resigning board member for replacement of said member will be presented to the board. The board will strongly consider the recommendation and have the final decision of appointment of a new board member.

.Section 3:

Annual Meeting - Team governance will consist of a Board as defined in Section 1. All Board members are voting members. There will be an annual meeting at the end of each year where upon team members will vote to elect advisors. Nominations and volunteers must be submitted to the Team Leader prior to said meeting.

Section 4:

Regular Meetings - Regular meetings of the Board shall be held from time to time, at such times and places that the Board determines. Notice of a meeting of the Board shall be e-mailed to the appropriate members at least 7 days before the meeting is to be held. The notice shall state the time and place of the meeting. There must be at least four Board Members present at the Board meetings in order to have a quorum. Minutes taken at Board meetings will be made available on the team website.

Section 5:

Committees - The Board can appoint committees as needed for team business or activities. Committees will serve in an advisory capacity to the Board.