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Find lessons for students for their specific grade level. When you click on your grade level you can go by standard or simply click on any activity!

These 10 Days of Lessons were created to cover the largest topics in each grade level K-5. When you open the document, find uyour student(s') grade level(s) and click on it to see the 10 lessons.

This online learning platform currently provides a 90-day free trial. After you set up an account, you can designate your student(s) grade level(s).

6 Ways to Support Your Child's Mathematical Development.pdf

A document from that provides 6 ways to support your child/student when helping them learn math.

Online math games for K-5 students. Most games also include a printable record sheet to show your student's thinking as they play.

Parents need a reminder of what your students' math work is about? Students do you need a review of an idea you learned? Interactive videos and activities of main ideas in math for K-5 students.

Additional Resources

Kindergarten Math Games.pdf

Math Games

Print and play math games!


Access a PowerPoint routine designed to work on students fluency in addition and subtraction. Consider Splat 1.1-1.5 for Kindergarten.

Open Middle

This is a great way to replace worksheets and have students investigate a math idea.

Greg Tang Math Games

Try engaging and unique math games to help students reinforce fact and procedural fluency.

Screen-Free Time

Young Mathematicians

Download games and printable mini-books that enhance students' mathematics learning and persistence.

Math Screen Free

This document outlines different ways to engage your student in doing activities and talking math in a natural and fun way.

K-5 Math

Are you looking for a packet of meaningful work in Mathematics for students? This site has FREE printable packets for K-5.

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