Seventh Grade


Highlighted Resources

Find lessons for students for their specific grade level. When you click on your grade level, you can go by standard or simply click on an activity!

Three online games/puzzles promote math operations and algebra. When you enter the site there are three games: mobiles (Algebra), Who Am I? (number sense), and MysteryGrid (number operations).

This online learning platform currently provides a 90-day free trial. After you set up an account, you can designate your student(s) grade level(s).

6 Ways to Support Your Child's Mathematical Development.pdf

A document from YouCubed.Org that provide 6 ways to support your child/student when helping them learn math.

Additional Resources


Access a PowerPoint routine designed to work on students' fluency in operations and variables. Consider Splat 7, 8, 9, & 10 series (example Splat 7.1) for Seventh Grade and his Fraction Splats.

Estimation 180

Work on building students' estimation skills. Click any day's picture. Be sure to talk about your reasons for your estimation and how previous days' images helped you estimate.

Open Middle

This is a great way to replace worksheets and have students investigate a math idea. Students play with numbers, operations, and other math ideas. Click on your student’s grade level.

Greg Tang Math Online Games

Engaging and unique math games help students reinforce fact and procedural fluency.

Screen-Free Time


ThinkFun’s downloadable games provide families/students with brain teasers and a chance to practice reasoning and strategic thinking.

Math Screen Free

This document outlines different ways to engage your student in doing activities and talking math in a natural and fun way.

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