Mission and Vision

Our Mission


The idea of Sweatshirts to Scrubs began one night when we were talking to each other about how we wished we had been exposed to medical related opportunities at an earlier age, and how it was not until we were high schoolers that we learned about such opportunities. We thought to ourselves, instead of just wishing that we had more information when we were younger, we could actually make an impact by exposing children to various aspects of medicine. A dash of creativity, a hint of teamwork, and plenty of risks later, Sweatshirts to Scrubs was born.

Our nonprofit's name embodies the spirit of our mission: to provide motivated children with more information about health and medicine while simultaneously bridging the knowledge gap between children and healthcare. Through our numerous, engaging enrichment opportunities here at Sweatshirts to Scrubs, we hope to see your child soak up knowledge and blossom into a future healthcare professional. Our goal is to provide your child with more information about the medical field while also establishing a forum where he or she can flourish with like minded individuals.

We are both passionate about the field of medicine and have enjoyed taking this opportunity to share our fascination with your child. We hope that we can plant the seeds for creativity and enthusiasm at our clinics this summer.

See you there!

-Deepak Kejariwal and Anjali Kejariwal

"I had such a great time. I wished it wasn't over when it ended. I felt like I learned a lot and had fun too."

-Dyllan Getz, age 9

Our Vision

After completing this summer program, we hope that students will take their newfound knowledge about health and medicine and use it in the future to take advantage of the many opportunities to become involved in the healthcare community. We hope that students can use the resources we provide them with to accomplish their own personal academic and extracurricular goals. While students may not immediately choose to participate in medicine-related ventures, we hope that they can look back fondly and use this experience at Sweatshirts to Scrubs to aid them with their future endeavors.