Throughout our journey in creating Sweatshirts to Scrubs, we have grown so much, and have gained skills we would not have otherwise had the chance to cultivate. As high school students, many of the tasks we completed in order to make this nonprofit a success were beyond the scope of anything we had done in the past (i.e. networking with local businesses in the community to secure locations/broaden our outreach, filing documents with the state and the IRS to become an official company and be granted 501(c)(3) status, or writing press releases for media who wanted to cover our story with Sweatshirts to Scrubs). With each consecutive experience, we learned, and part of our mission is to share our knowledge with others, so we decided to start blogging about each experience that we had. We knew that many of the skills we learned along the way were just as important to share as our knowledge in science and medicine, so this blog is our way of sharing these experiences with the world.

We created a separate website for the blog mainly for two reasons. We wanted to have an independent platform where we could share the personal impact Sweatshirts to Scrubs had on us, and the blog's website is meant specifically for this. Secondly, the aesthetic feel of this website is not conducive to a blog's, so we created a new one that captures this.

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-Deepak and Anjali

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