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Have you ever dreamed about helping sick people? Have you ever watched a medical TV show and thought to yourself, "that looks like a fun job"? If so, Sweatshirts for Scrubs is the perfect fit for you! Come join our "clinic" and learn about medicine through arts and crafts, interactive games, fun videos, practical experiments, and much more! Every day, we present different aspects of health and medicine in a way that is fun for all types of learners. If you want to have a blast this summer and are a rising 3rd, 4th, or 5th grader, enroll now at our closest location near you!

How did we get our name?

Sweatshirts to Scrubs aims to engage students in the field of medicine. Our name exemplifies the growth that children undergo during this experience. We hope to bridge the gap between children and healthcare, which is why we thoughtfully chose the name Sweatshirts, symbolic of adolescence, to Scrubs, a uniform commonly worn by healthcare professionals. Moreover, since our goal is to address the broad breadth of healthcare, we specifically chose the word "Scrubs" to be accepting of all professions, whether it be surgeons, nurses, physical therapists, doctors, dentists, or many more. To learn more about our goal as a nonprofit, please read our mission and vision, and to see our journey in creating Sweatshirts to Scrubs, you can read our blogs.

"Sweatshirts to Scrubs was an awesome, hands-on educational experience for my son. He gained a lot of knowledge about the human body and eagerly waited for the next session. Kudos to Anjali & Deepak for coming up with an engaging, informative, fun, sensory program for kids!"


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Why Us?

We both have experience working with children in this age group, as Deepak referees youth soccer and has tutored children in math and reading at Kumon. Anjali teaches dance to children of a similar age group weekly, and is in charge of choreographing and instruction. Additionally, both of us are high school heroes, where we have the opportunity to work with children directly in the classroom setting. These experiences have taught us how to work with children on a professional level, while still fostering a sense of active learning and engagement.

In regards to content knowledge, both of us have taken biology, chemistry, physics, and other science related courses throughout high school. We both volunteer at the Pottstown hospital, giving us knowledge in both the clinical, real world applications of healthcare and in the content specific knowledge of this program. In addition, Deepak is currently conducting medical research on pediatric cardiovascular health, and has also taken online courses through the University of Michigan to learn more about Human Anatomy. Between the two of us, we have the needed knowledge to conduct this program, and any further information we need, we will not hesitate to obtain.

We are BLS certified in CPR AED/First Aid and choking for infants, children, and adults. We have also been cleared by the state of PA for criminal background check and child abuse, as required by law.

Where does the registration money go to?

In order to register for one of our library locations there is a $10.00 fee per student. This money will be used towards buying materials for the program. However, since we are a nonprofit organization, we will donate the remaining money to a charity focused on pediatric healthcare. We have not decided which charity we are going to donate to yet, so we are open to any suggestions! If you have any questions, feel free to email us at sweatshirtstoscrubs@gmail.com, and we will respond in a timely fashion!