Resistance Ranks

Resistance Directive

Distribution: All Resistance Personnel, Nationalized Factions, Allied Operatives

Clearance: Unclassified - Level 0

Applies To: The Resistance, Nationalized Factions, Allied Operatives

Date of Effect: Year 20 Day 263

Date of Termination: Not Applicable

Subject: Resistance Rank Structure


The Resistance is first and foremost a military organization. Even though Resistance members may have additional duty assignments and/or special duty assignments, each and every member of The Resistance is a soldier first, and must be able to demonstrate basic combat proficiencies. Resistance members may be called on to engage in combat operations against the Galactic Empire and the Imperial Union, should the need arise.

To represent this, and to reflect the ideals and values of the organization, The Resistance uses a single simplified rank structure. The chart listed on the next page outlines the official rank structure for The Resistance and all of its nationalized factions.

Note: The Resistance uses a hybrid-salary system in order to compensate its members. The hybrid-salary system is not directly connected to the rank structure. The only connection between the two systems is that individuals earn merits each month for being active and for completing specific tasks and missions that benefit the faction. Merits may then be exchanged for credits and incentives, or they may be saved and used to apply for a promotion to the next rank, when the individual meets the merit requirements. For more information on the hybrid-salary system or the promotion application system, please see the respective Resistance Directives.