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Descartes appointed Commander-in-Chief

December 19th 2023

Calast System, Grohl Sector

In a brief press release this evening, General Xitwa confirmed the transition of power to General Eli Descartes. General Descartes, who is currently on operations in the Derra system, addressed Resistance personnel from the bridge of the RMS Aether.

"Brave men and women of The Resistance,

We have achieved so much together. From an upstart band of rebels, to a thriving, professional, and respected opposition fighting against tyrannical regime. We have shown the Galaxy who we are, and what we stand for. Billions of sentients live a free and prosperous life, because of you. The Outer Rim has become a beacon of free trade, because of you. The despotic Imperial Union poisons itself from the inside out, because of you. Yet, there is still work to be done. We will fight injustice wherever it rears it's ugly head, and we will ensure that the Galaxy sees the peace and prosperity that it so deserves. 

It is my honour to receive the torch from General Xitwa, a Gand who's contribution to the cause cannot be overstated.  His accolades are many. His  vision, tact, and direction has thrust The Resistance into the position it holds today. 

It has long been my life's mission to serve the Alliance to the best of my ability, that shall not change. I am just one man, but make no mistake, you are The Resistance.

May the force be with you all."

RNN  confirm that General Xitwa will continue to serve alongside Generals Vandron and Descartes as an esteemed member of the High Command.

Press Release from The Chief of Staff

February 16th 2023

Calast System, Grohl Sector

The Resistance Faction Advisory Panel

Earlier today, Public Communications Officers Trisha Dunn from the office of the Chief of Staff announced that Commander-in-Chief Gand Xitwa authorized changes to the organizational structure of the Resistance. Effective Year 24 Day 78, The Resistance Faction Advisory Panel was established to aide the Commander-in-Chief with long term strategic planning and administration of the Resistance. While Resistance High Command has always managed the day to day operations of The Resistance and its Nationalized Factions, General Xitwa had previously consulted with individual advisors as needed to devise long term strategic plans and operations for The Resistance. This formal adoption of a Faction Advisory Panel signals General Xitwa's and The Resistance's ability to adapt with the times and delegate administration responsbilities among a select group of senior leadership within the Resistance High Command. 

Major General  

William Siethr

Commander-in-Chief awards The Resistance's First Medal of Honor

Immediately after a press conference where he announced he would be stepping down as the Chief of Military Operations of The Resistance, General William Siethr was awarded The Resistance's first medal of honor today in a ceremony held onboard the MC-80 Home-One class Star Cruiser RMS Raddus. The was presented personally by the Commander-in-Chief, General Gand Xitwa, in recognition of General Sither's long-standing service and dedication to the cause. General Xitwa acknowledged that General Siethr would be stay on as a member of Resistance High Command in an advisory capacity, after taking some time for well deservered personnal leave. 

General Siethr has severed with distinction of nearly a decade, participating in numerous combat deployments in defense of Resistance and allied citizens. Considered to be one of the prime architects of The Resistance's growth and ascension to the status of galactic government and a major political and military force on the galactic scale, political analysts argue that the affects of the General's contributions are ubiquitous across resistance territory. Perhaps most notably, the general oversaw the Resistance's military's campaign against the Imperial Union in the south east quadrant of the galaxy after the Fall of the Republic. Even after imperial union forces were driven out of the Abrion, Grohl, and Arkanis sectors, General Siethr personally commanded the resettlement and reconstruction efforts on multiple planets after Resistance Military Forces took control of the sectors. 

Holowan Starts New Phase of Production Operations

November 9th, 2020 

Huldamun System, Arkanis Sector

Over the past several months Holowan Conglomerate has been working closely with its sister nationalized factions Cloud City and Reclamation Services Inc. to repair or salvage orbital shipyards and planetary factories across the Arkanis Sector, sabotaged by Imperial Commandos before Resistance Military Forces took control of the sector. As those repair and salvage operations neared the completion last month, senior Holowan officials began overseeing the hiring and staffing of starship production workers and mechanics to shipyards across the sector. "The Huldamun System was hit the worst." Stated Baron Administrators Bram Dupol, the former Director of Reclamation Services Inc. (RSI) who was recently promoted to head up the Nationalized Faction Cloud City (CC) after the merger of RSI and CC. "While it took longer than we expected to repair many of the shipyards, and several shipyards were so badly damaged they had to be scrapped entirely, I can now confirm that all priority repair and recycling operations have been completed. Although there may be a few minor tasks still left to be completed, all orbital shipyards in the Huldamun sector are now operational. Knowing Chief Descartes, we can expect these shipyards to be churning out MC-80B Cruisers for the foreseeable future." 

Baron Administrator Dupol's predictions have so far proven accurate, as of today Chief of Ordnance & Supply, General Eli Descartes publically announced the completion of the first phase of new production operations by Holowan Conglomerate. Over a dozen orbital shipyards in the Huldamun System have started production on new Mon Calamari Cruisers, some of which have been slated to be sent to The Rebel Alliance, as The Resistance has pledged to assist The Rebel Alliance in the rebuilding of its fleets. Although not as easily visible as the Mon Calamari Crusiers being produced in orbital shipyards, the planetary based factories in Huldamun have also been tasked with producing military-grade starships to bolster Rebel and Resistance forces. "No fighter matches the survivability and weapons loadout of a B-wing." said Operations Manager Bartan DeWalt, "and we've recently started production of several hundred this quarter alone, not to mention the hundreds of X-Wings, A-Wings, and Y-Wings that are also being produced. As it currently stands, our raw material stockpiles and logistics systems will enable us to produce several thousand per year." Operations Managed DeWalt grinned as he suggested that Resistance Pilots would soon be flying starfighters produced by the newly repaired Holowan shipyards and factories.

When reporters asked Chief of Ordnance & Supply General Eli Descartes about the production status of GalFest Datacard purchased by Resistance Members, his response was direct, "The Office of the Chief of Staff is directly overseeing the production of individually purchased datacards by Resistance Officers and Citizens at GalFest. While Holowan Conglomerate is assisting with production by providing and coordinating workers and shipyard personnel, I can not provide a more concrete timeline other than to say that the Chief of Staff has assured me that all of these ships will be under production by the end of next month. It is my understanding that the orbital shipyards slated for GalFest production were more severely damaged than our initial inspections determined. Additionally, a vast majority of our Raw Material surplus from Operation Amos had to be used for humanitarian efforts such as infrastructure repair and development projects after we pushed Imperial forces out of the sector." 

Although unable to give more information to reporters, sources in the Office of the Chief of Staff confirmed that the remaining starfighters, light freighters, corvettes, and frigate datacards individually purchased by Resistance Officers and citizens will be under production by the end of next week. Our sources suggest the major cause of the delay has been the transportation of large amounts of raw materials and availability of larger orbital shipyards needed to produce the half-dozen Acclamator-class Assualt Ships purchased by some of the longer-serving Resistance Officers. In addition to the half-dozen purchased for personal use by Resistance officers, it is rumored that The Resistance itself purchased datacards for research and development purposes. 

Temple of the Kyber

August 23rd, 2019

Camden System, Morshdine Sector 

“The ways of the Galaxy are not the same as those of the Force,” pronounced the Keeper of the Whills, Gothar Elensar, of the newly formed Guardians of the Whills from their temple on planet Camden.  Rejecting the long standing belief of dichotomy in the Force, the Guardians embrace teaching that focuses on five distinct aspects, or shades, of a balanced Force. Practitioners from every walk of life, attuned to the Force or not, are welcomed to the teachings provided by the Guardians of the Whills. 

Where there was once nothing be vast open desert, now stands the foundations of the new Temple of Kyber. The beginnings of could one day be an ecumenopolis, smaller churches, chapels, training dojos, meditation gardens, and residential buildings are being constructed around the Kyber Temple. Pilgrims and those seeking enlightenment flock in countless numbers to become residents and visitors to the new holy city. 

In a statement released earlier today, the new Keeper of the Whills addressed a large crowd assembled before the temple. 

“Greetings my fellow sentients. My name is Gothar Elensar, and I am here to show you the paths towards balance. In a galaxy filled with extremes, it feels as though each and every one of us is forced to pick or choose a side. Right or wrong. Light or dark. One or the other. Consistently, the choices before us are presented in a way that depicts a scale, tipping one way or the other. Despite the machinations of many… this is, my friends, simply untrue.”

“The true ways of the Force--the force that flows throughout the galaxy and throughout each of us--are not simply good or bad, or light or dark. The true way of the force is to maintain balance, and despite the attempts or interventions of mortal beings, the force shall always find a way to bring balance to the galaxy. When we come to understand this and seek not to change the balacy, but to maintain the balance, we become one with the force.”

“We understand the ever changing and recentering balance of the force by understanding the five paths of the force. Although understanding the depths and insights of the five paths may take a sentinet years to fully comprehend, they can expressed as five colored shades: the white path, the green path, the red path, the black path, and the blue path. Each of us, though we may be unaware, is a follower of one of these five paths. But again, I say, only through focused meditation and reflection, can we come to understand our true path and the role we play in the balancing of the Force, thus becoming one with the Force.”

“I shall not preach to you further, except to say that any and all in search of knowledge and balance are welcome here. Those of you who are aware of your deep connection to the force are welcome to join us to meditate and reflect. We train in various saber forms to center ourselves discipline our minds and bodies. Those of you who are unsure of your connection to the force, may come to us to discover the truth. Those of you who may not be gifted with the deep connection to the force, are welcome to join us in learning how we may best of service to the balance of the force. There are even coveted martial parts forms, which like the saber forms, will help to discipline your mind and body.”

“Let it be known the Guardians of the Whills opens our temple doors to all who seek to maintain balance in the force. No matter their path, no matter their connection to the force, all are welcome here. We only ask in return tolerance and respect, for those that seek to bring balance to the force.”

As the city around the Kyber Temple on Camden grows outward and upward, members of the Guardians of the Whills have begun exploration and excavations of recently discovered cave system under the holy city. Although few details have been released to the public through any official channels, local residents suggest they have heard Guardians talk of searching for a Force Nexus they have sensed below the city, as well as a vein of kyber crystals.

Communications Department Press Release

October 9, 2018    Fleet Admiral William Siethr

Victory-class Star Destroyer, Darkness Falls.  

Today, officials from The Resistance Communications Department announced a series of sweeping reforms across their network.  The reforms center around new internal policies that were recently adopted and have the intention of streamlining their organization.  As a part of this effort, the department has begun rolling out a new interface for the network and plans to continue updating it with new content and general information about their group.  For now, the new interface is still a work in progress, but Resistance leaders wanted to tease their new image.  

For the last several months, The Resistance has closed their doors to new recruits, only allowing select individuals to join their ranks.  It is expected that there will once again be open recruitment for interested parties before the end of the year.

According to Minister of War, William Siethr, The Resistance leadership is looking forward to increasing their interactions with the rest of the galactic community, and expanding diplomatic relations as part of the new direction of their internal policies.


Recent Leaks from McLoggers Office Confirmed

Hacked by: Crueya Vandron – Faction: The Resistance

Date: Year 18 Day 244 Location Unknown

Resistance News Network

Lutris City, Tynna, Tynna Sector

Officials from within the Resistance confirm the legitimacy of recent leaks from Mayor Chompins McLoggers’ office shed new light on the Tynna Unknown Signals incident.

Three private documents recently leaked to multiple galactic news agencies by an official inside the mayor’s office confirmed that King Jude Vatz of the Tresario Star Kingdom was physically present when the Invid Order, New Republic, and Resistance task force recovered the first Meridian frigate. Early into the rescue operation, allied pilots reported the presence of a lone A-wing interceptor registered to King Vatz, who ignored all hail and focus scans performed.

Records later recovered from the Meridian showed that King Vatz arrived two days before the Invid Order scouts, yet had offered no assistance to the distressed frigate and had even ignored the Tynnan’s call for help sent directly to his ship. New Republic military analysts have suggested that Tresario’s allegedly poor record of starship maintenance may have hindered some of the interceptor’s systems, forcing the Tresarian King to remain hidden in the frigate’s shadow for several days, desperate to remain undetected and avoid being taken prisoner by the bandits. While the task force’s pilots were engaging the hostile starfighters and assisting the stranded Tynnan starship, King Vatz’s A-wing parted from the frigate’s position and fled the system.

An image recorded by the Tynnan frigate has also been verified, clearly showing King Vatz piloting the reported A-wing interceptor.

An after-action report, drafted by taskforce commander Gothar Elensar and presented to Mayor McLoggers upon the operation’s conclusion, was also leaked to the press.

“When Invid Order scouts discovered the first stranded Meridian-class frigate in an asteroid field, a call for assistance was immediately dispatched through the joint task force at approximately 0950 on 18.149. A stream of allied starfighter squadrons continuously arrived throughout the next several hours, engaging the growing force of hostile gunboats and starfighters in an attempt to rescue the distressed frigate and its stranded survivors. At approximately 1330 of the same day, the hostile forces had been subdued and the Meridian frigate secured and provided with an escort back to the Tynnani system. This scenario played out two more times for the safe recovery of three frigates at the hands of the New Republic’s joint task force, though the fourth Meridian was boarded and captured by the Exchange while the allied task force was occupied with rescuing the third.”

The third document indicates the last known locations and owners of the Meridian-class frigates. As indicated in his galactic broadcast three months ago, Mayor Chompins McLoggers expressed the gratitude of all Tynnans by awarding four Meridian frigates to those who came to their assistance. The first and second Meridians were gifted to New Republic officers Vonar Passik and Arco Serle, who donated them to the Invid Order and New Republic, respectively, as a result of the joint task force’s success. The third was awarded to Lahasa Fry, who uniquely opted to retain possession of the vessel and add it to his personal collection. Reportedly, he also left his position in the New Republic sometime after, though it is unknown whether this was due to the political pressure faced by his decision to keep the frigate. The fourth frigate, which was stationed at Tynna, was granted to Matt Solomon for discovering and revealing the Tynnani system to the galaxy. Reports of a fifth frigate taken by the Exchange were also considered true by all information agencies.

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Resistance Report: Fall of Gree 

Hacked by: Tomas O`Cuinn – Faction: The Resistance

Date: Year 18 Day 120 Onboard the MC-60 Star Cruiser RMS Scotia in system RZ7-6113-23 (12, 385).

After three years of minor border skirmishes between the Gree Trade Authority and Black Sun crime syndicate, a surprise offensive launched by the Imperial vassal state has led to the fall of the Gree system. Many analysts have pointed to the Authority’s merger with the Resistance, aGalactic Alliance member, as the catalyst that finally provoked the Imperial Union’s assault. Communications from the Gree system indicate that the Black Sun crime syndicate has already begun a campaign of active oppression against the civilian population for their support in the system’s uprising from Imperial control in Year 14 (CGT). Reports of entire energy grids being deactivated throughout the system along with the widespread kidnapping or outright execution of innocents have flooded galactic news agencies, but these reports have allegedly been suppressed by the Imperial Union.

Resistance Oversector Commander Tomas o`Cuinn provided the following statement: “The fall of Gree is a regrettable loss in our ongoing conflict against the Empire’s tyranny. The Gree defensive fleet retained from the Authority’s was insufficient to repel the syndicate’s attack, while the newly-assigned Resistance fleet had not yet arrived. Upon their arrival, Imperial Union forces began indiscriminately targeting both Resistance and unarmed civilian vessels. Unable to face the Imperial fleet head-on with our current forces, I ordered the immediate evacuation of as many civilians as we could protect. Unfortunately, we could not evacuate the eleven billion civilians in time. I personally made the difficult decision to withdraw so that we could live to fight another day. We will not forget your sacrifice, Gree, and we will return for you.”

The Resistance‘s statement confirms several reports of an orchestrated tactical withdrawal in the face of overwhelming odds. However, this event also sparked the acceleration of a long-planned operation regarding other Resistance forces launching simultaneous assaults in the Homon and Sevetta sectors. While the syndicate was focused on Gree, the Resistance successfully liberated seven worlds and an inhabited asteroid from Imperial oppression, ensuring that the pending loss in the north would not go unanswered. Galactic census data indicates that more than one hundred and sixty-five billion civilians were emancipated from Imperial authoritarianism. The operation was also seemingly designed to protect their allies from future attack, as it included seizing control of an Imperial sector located on the territorial borders of the New Republic, Krath, and eXiles.

Theed University financial analysts have estimated that the crime syndicate has suffered a massive loss in revenue, expected to be several hundred million credits per month, as a result of losing their operations on the heavily-developed ecumenopolis planets of Homon and Woldona VII. While the syndicate may be able to recoup some of those losses through the Gree system, there is little doubt that the Resistance and Galactic Alliance will capitalize on the seized incomes, using them to fund future operations against the Imperial Union.