Resistance Military

The Resistance Military Forces

The Resistance Military Forces (RMF) are the combined arms branch of The Resistance, incorporating both space and ground warfare capabilities. The mission of the Resistance Military Forces is to combat the spread of Imperial influence throughout the galaxy, as well as the defense of Resistance interests. The Resistance Military Forces are organized into self-sustaining Battle Groups, which are assigned to theaters of operations across the galaxy.

The Resistance Military Forces are responsible for the defense of Resistance citizens, assets, and territory; as well as bringing the fight to the Galactic Empire and the Imperial Union. Additionally. Resistance Military Forces often assist Galactic Alliance allies in joint operation that include but are not limited to: military operations, reconnaissance, law enforcement, peacekeeping operations, and humanitarian aide.

The Objectives of The Resistance Military Forces are:

  • To fight and oppose the Empire and Imperial Union, by any means

  • Preforming routine patrols of Resistance territory

  • Coordinating with other Resistance departments to ensure the protection of Resistance personnel, territory, and assets.

  • Training and developing combat and construction proficient troopers.

General Gand Xitwa

The Commander-in-Chief

The Commander-in-Chief (CIC) of Resistance Military Forces is the leader of The Resistance, General Gand Xitwa. The highest military position in the organization, the Commander-in-Chief is responsible for the broad strategic planning and development of The Resistance's war against the Galactic Empire and the Imperial Union.

Major General William Siethr

The Chief of Military Operations

The Chief of Military Operations (CMO) is in charge of the day-to-day military operations of The Resistance, and reports directly to the Commander-in-Chief. They are responsible for overseeing the administration of The Resistance Military Forces, developing military strategy, providing orders to Battle Groups, and delegating authority as needed to senior military officers.


The Deputy Chief of Military Operations

The Deputy Chief of Military Operations (DCMO) assists in the day-to-day operations of The Resistance Military Forces. Reporting directly to the Commander-in-Chief and the Chief of Military Operations.