Resistance Intelligence

Resistance Intelligence

Resistance Intelligence (RI) is the department responsible for obtaining and analyzing military, diplomatic, economic, and political information about the Galactic Empire, Imperial Union, and any other possible threat to The Resistance. Resistance Intelligence Agents engage in both overt and covert operations and are selected for their specialized skills, bravery, morale, and dedication to the cause.

Resistance Intelligence is an independent department of The Resistance Military that is charged with the detection, investigation, and analysis of any potential threats to the security of The Resistance. As part of its mission, Resistance Intelligence is responsible for the assembling of data on a wide range of organizations and individuals, as well as knowledge of any particular skills or technology that are considered of significant or critical strategic value. Resistance Intelligence is led by the Chief of Resistance Intelligence (CRI), its agents collect intelligence, sensor scans, corporate records, and any other information they may gather from captured databases. From this information, Resistance Intelligence analyzes it to determine the level of possible threat that was posed The Resistance of its allies.

Resistance Intelligence is organized into two divisions, the Resistance Security Forces and the Resistance Intelligence Network, each led by a Director who oversees the day-to-day operations of their division.

Resistance Security Forces

The Resistance Security Force (RSF) is the security arm of Resistance Intelligence. Led by the Director of The Resistance Security Force (DRSF), it is tasked with the identifying and neutralizing internal threats to the Resistance and its allies. This includes law enforcement, management of internal surveillance networks, engaging in counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence operations, and when necessary for conducting internal investigations.

Objectives of The Resistance Security Force:

  • Law Enforcement

  • Counter-Terrorism

  • Internal Investigations

  • Surveillance

  • Counter-Intelligence

The Resistance Intelligence Network

The Resistance Intelligence Network (RIN) is the highly trained foreign intelligence arm of Resistance Intelligence. Led by the Director of the Resistance Intelligence Network (DRIN), it is tasked with identifying and neutralizing external threats to The Resistance and its allies through the collection, processing, and analyzing intelligence from across the galaxy. Unlike the Resistance Security Forces, which is the internal security and intelligence service, the Resistance Intelligence Network also specializes in covert operations against the enemy.

Objectives of The Resistance Intelligence Network:

  • Collect and analyze intelligence on non-friendly individuals and organizations.

  • Provide accurate, detailed, and time sensitive intelligence advice on actual and perceived external security threats.

  • Conduct reconnaissance operations within enemy territory.

  • Engage in covert operations against enemy individuals and organizations, such as: counter-intelligence, espionage, sabotage, and assassinations.

  • Recover illegally seized equipment for The Resistance and its allies.

  • Engage in research, development, and production of critical technologies for intelligence purposes.