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The Admissions Board

The Admissions Board is a group of Department and Nationalized Faction Leaders responsible for recruitment and onboarding of all new members to The Resistance and its Nationalized Factions. Once initial contact is established, the relevant Admissions Board member communicate with the candidate and assist them with the application and onboarding process. This often includes relaying message between the candidate and the rest of the board. Once the candidate has completed steps one through five of the onboarding process, the board reviews the information provided by the candidate and the data from the background check, and makes a decision regarding the candidate's application. If approved, the candidate should continue with the rest of the onboarding process.


Gand Xitwa

The Resistance


Crueya Vandron

The Resistance

Major General

William Siethr

The Resistance

Major General

Eli Descartes

Chief of Ground Logistics


Samux Marus

Kamino Medical Laboratories

Baron Administrator

Bram Dupol

Cloud City

Keeper of the Whills Gothar Elensar

The Guardians of the Whills

Joining The Resistance

The Resistance is always looking for dedicated and determined individuals to join its ranks. To join The Resistance, please apply via the Darkness interface and wait for further instructions. Resistance Intelligence is required to conduct background checks on all incoming applicants. In order to help streamline this process, please follow the directions below.

Onboarding Process:

  1. Submit a join request to The Resistance

  2. Read The Beginning of Your Journey: Black Spire Outpost Prologue

  3. Fill out the New Member Application Questionnaire below

  4. Join us on Discord (optional) Discord Server:

  5. Await your background check to be completed (24-72 hours)

  6. Complete the Non-Disclosure Agreement

  7. Register on our Holonet

  8. Assigned to a mentor & start your assignment.