November 1st, 2021 Apiary pictures

That's a wrap for the 2021 season! Low mite counts and 80 lbs of food stores. Extreme insulation in play! All joints foil taped around the hive. Tyvek vapor barrier wrap around the hive to seal the hive bodies airtight. No upper entrance. A seamless, one piece polystyrene BeeMax Hivetop Feeder (R20) on top filled with 20 lbs of dry sugar and a HiveAlive fondant patty. 2" (R10) foam board foam board on all four sides with all joints taped. The top of the hive top feeder also has an additional 2" foam board to provide additional insulation under the outer cover. 1/2" hardware cloth mouse guard with a fully open entrance. R30 on top, R10 on the sides. This configuration matches that of a natural tree cavity. Good luck ladies! See you in late February or March!