Where to Buy Live Bees, Queens, Beekeeping Equipment and Supplies:

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  1. American Bee Journal

  2. Bee Culture

NJ Regulatory Info:

    1. The New Jersey Department of Agriculture's Division of Plant Industry

    2. Apiary Registration

    3. NJDEP Beekeeper Notification List of Pesticide use

    4. New Jersey Beekeeping Laws - NJ State Beekeepers Association Presentation (3-23-21)

    5. FDA Approved antibiotics for Bees

    6. Honey Bee Testing Form

    7. Bee Spill Incident Response Procedure

    8. EPA-registered Pesticide Products Approved for Use Against Varroa Mites in Bee Hives

    9. USDA NorthEast Bee Research Laboratory

    10. Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) Explained

NJ Organizations:

Knowledge based websites for beginner beekeepers: