When looking for the best way to spend my 80,000 hours I like the way Alex Blumberg put it in "How to save a planet": balance high impact, a good fit, and your enjoyment. It's easy to overfit to high impact thinking you can "sacrifice" on the good fit and enjoyment, but that road is fraught with issues. If you aren't working in a role that's a good fit for your skills, your talent is being wasted. And if you aren't enjoying it, you're either not going to do a good job, or you're not going to do it for very long.

Through a sequence of miracles I've almost exclusively spent my professional life doing stuff I really enjoy, and I'd like to continue that trend. However, the past few years have seen me increase the multiplier on "impact". If I'm not working on the climate crisis, I'm not working on the right thing!