We have been a part of the Davis community since February 2003 and can’t thank you enough. We love treating your pets. We are an AAHA accredited hospital and believe in providing the best veterinary care possible. We have enjoyed meeting so many of you and look forward to helping your families in the future. We also have the honor of having Dr. Cameron Collins voted the best veterinarian in Yolo county in 2016 and 2017. He is thankful for your confidence in his abilities and also to the rest of the South Davis Veterinary staff for their support.

We strive to create the ideal work environment doing what we love most. We try to bring that passion into every interaction with you and your pet. It goes without saying that this will always be a "work in progress", and with your help we can make things better. The vision we have for SDVC is to provide a place for people to bring their animal companions where they can trust that their loved ones will be cared for in every way. We want our clients to feel that our skills and our compassion can handle any situation that may arise while we are delivering the highest quality medicine we can offer. Our aim is to promote optimal health for each of our patients, so that they can remain in the good company of their human companions as long as possible.

This means that we will constantly be pushing ourselves to learn new skills and grow as people. We will strive to embrace an atmosphere of mutual support and goodwill where we build each other up, not tear each other down. We want each member of our team to have pride in him or herself, in the medicine we offer our patients, in the love we show our clients, and in what we can achieve by working together.

This can be summarized by the following goals:

To provide the most advanced level of medical care for our animal companions.

To treat others with respect, compassion, and fairness.

To encourage personal and professional growth of our staff.

To maintain a clean, healthy work environment that best serves our patients.

Sincerely, Drs Yackey, Bradley, Collins and Shoup and the Staff at South Davis Veterinary Center

Above there are two of our three exam rooms. Two of them have a window so your pet can enjoy a view of Davis.

Above you can see our treatment area where we care for your pet as well as our dental radiograph laptop in our dental suite.