SDVC Logo "Parasite Control": Caring for your companion

Our goal is to provide safe, reliable and appropriate parasite control for your dog and cat. We also want to protect your family from exposure to intestinal parasites and prevent flea infestations of the home. Every dog and cat needs protection from heartworm, roundworm, hookworm and flea infestation.

Why are these parasites singled out for prevention? It is because they are potentially fatal or difficult to treat in the case of heartworm or because they infect people (roundworm and hookworm) or because they are an uncomfortable skin irritant and can transmit disease (fleas).

Some dogs and cats also need additional protection from other parasites they might encounter outside of your immediate yard in Davis. In their travels, some pets encounter ticks, giardia, coccidia or other more rare parasites.

A comprehensive parasite screening and control program is something we review during your annual examination, but please feel free to call or email us to discuss your pet’s exposure to parasites.

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