We get many questions about surgery and general anesthesia because our clients care about their pet’s safety, stress, and pain level. At SDVC, we want to hold your pet as if he/she is our own and optimize safety (with good training and equipment) and decrease stress (with excellent nursing and love). A technician is dedicated to the task of monitoring your pet during and after the procedure, to ensure your pet remains in a stable state during the transition from surgery to full recovery.

Anyone with specific questions about safety and equipment please refer to the AAHA guidelines or email us with your query. We are proud of our attention to detail in the area of multimodal pain control and safe anesthesia monitoring.

As for surgery itself, our doctors perform general surgery such as spay and neuter, GI surgery, bladder stone removals, general mass removals, and some orthopedic surgery. However, we recognize the need for specialists in this area and will arrange for a board-certified surgeon to visit our hospital when necessary.