Sonia V.

Sonia has a lot of veterinary technician experience, has completed a certified Veterinary Technician training program and we are encouraging her to take the RVT test. She has been a big asset for us... Sonia really knows how to bring IT and get work done. Sonia and her beau Fern love living in Davis and when not a work they are kept busy with after school functions with their daughter and son.

Emmy P. RVT

Emmy graduated from Cosumnes River College and received her RVT license in 2009. She has lived in Davis most of her life and is proud to call herself a townie. She loves to read, travel, and hike in her spare time. Emmy and her husband Ethan share their home with two Calico kitties, Teeny and Camilla and a Cockatiel named Sir Peppermint Waddlesworth.

Amanda H.

Amanda is working her way through a technician training program on the way to a career working with animals. She has a gentle touch with animals, and is a very friendly and generous person. She’s another of everyone’s favorites. At home, she takes care of her much loved dogs and cats. On weekends, she likes to blow off steam by riding BMX and motorbikes with her fiancee around Lake Berryessa and Tahoe.

Leah W. RVT

Leah also graduated from UCD’s Animal Science program and then returned to school to obtain her RVT license. Her quiet exterior belies a smart and savvy woman inside. Leah and her husband, Ben, share their home with their kitty Pele and dog Emma. When not at work Leah is commonly found engrossed in a fiction novel or training for her next 5k race.

Sarah I.

Sarah graduated UC Davis in 2013 with a degree in Animal Science and joined the SDVC team in early 2014. When she is not snuggling our patients here at work she can often be found taste testing and exploring many of the local coffee shops in Sacramento. Sarah and her fiancee share their home with a spunky terrier mix named Lily, Dobby a little Chihuahua mix, and two kitty cats, Ginny and Tonks.

Sally N. RVT

Sally earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences, emphasizing in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior from UC Davis, and then went on to earn her Associates of Sciences degree in Veterinary Technology from Cosumnes River College. In her spare time, Sally and her husband make beer and wine with their friends, enjoy backpacking long distances, and spend time at home in the garden with their dog, Matilda, their two goats, Garlic and Onion, and the numerous chickens they have.

Terri M. RVT

Terri obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Soil Science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. After spending many years in her first career working in California, Texas, and Arizona and raising her two children she decided it was time to follow her heart and do what she truly loved which is working with animals. She went back to school, received her Associates degree in Veterinary Technology, passed the exams, and became an RVT in 2007. Terri lives in West Sacramento with her husband and enjoys hiking, horseback riding, and agility training with her red standard poodle Cousteau.

Jody S. RVT

Jody’s passion for working with animals led her to pursue her Registered Veterinary Technician license. She graduated from Western Career College with her RVT in 2006 and has worked in small animal practices ever since. She has a passion for alternative medicine and loves learning new things related to animal medicine. Jody shares her home with Itty, her teeny tiny little Chihuahua.

Alena C.

Alena is an Animal Science major at UCD and will be attending UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine starting in August 2017. She grew up in Occidental with rabbits, goats, cats, dogs, and occasional other animals. In high school she was an active participant in Future Farmers of America. She shares her home with Sophia, a rescued long-haired Chihuahua who sleeps all day and thinks she is a cat. In her spare time Alena enjoys baking, hiking, going on bike rides, and riding horses.

Ashley S.

We welcomed Ashley to the SDVC team May of 2016. Ashley lives in Davis and currently attends Sacramento State while she obtains her b.s. in Biochemistry. Her ultimate goal is to become a small animal or equine veterinarian. When she is not at work or school Ashley can be found horseback riding, hiking, and going to the beach or lake. Ashley and her husband share their home with Maggie, a miniature poodle, a sassy Portuguese Water Dog named Ava, and their kitty Peter who thinks he is part lion!

Tanya D.

She is currently finishing up her degree in Animal Science at UC Davis, with an emphasis on animal behavior. She hopes to one day apply her studies to improving animal welfare in livestock settings, shelters, and veterinary clinics, but for now she will settle for spoiling your pets with belly rubs and treats while they visit us at South Davis! During those rare moments when she is not at work or studying for one of her many exams, she plays fetch with her cat Milton (yes, he actually brings the ball back) while her other cat Oliver stares at Milton’s adorable weirdness and ponders how Milton can actually call himself a cat.

Josh B.

Josh graduated from UC Davis in 2015 with a degree in Animal Biology, and is currently working towards his DVM at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. He is interested in small animal practice and plans to pursue board certification in surgery after graduation. In his spare time (what's that?) he enjoys martial arts, sketching, and tinkering. He shares his home with Jake, a Chow Shepherd with a replaced hip who can still outrun his humans, and Alice, a little black cat who chews on Jake's ears when he's getting more attention than she is.

Patrick M.

Patrick joined SDVC in November 2016 and increased the number of employees with facial hair to three. He entered the veterinary field in 2006 and became an RVT in 2008. He has too many cats. His encyclopedic knowledge of trivial facts often threatens to crowd out more useful things in his brain. When not commuting to and from work, he enjoys such indoor activities as downloading movies and music, as well as reading his vast number of comic books. When he does venture out, it’s either to Costco or Toys R Us. His collection of toys and collectibles would be safer if there weren’t cats around.