Emmy P. RVT

Emmy graduated from Cosumnes River College and received her RVT license in 2009. She has lived in Davis most of her life and is proud to call herself a townie. She loves to read, travel, and hike in her spare time. She also loves to bake and often brings in her amazing creations to work for everyone to share. Emmy and her husband Ethan share their home with two Calico kitties, Teeny and Camilla and a Cockatiel named Sir Peppermint Waddlesworth.

Terri M. RVT

Terri obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Soil Science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. After spending many years in her first career working in California, Texas, and Arizona and raising her two children she decided it was time to follow her heart and do what she truly loved which is working with animals. She went back to school, received her Associates degree in Veterinary Technology, passed the exams, and became an RVT in 2007. Terri lives in West Sacramento with her husband and enjoys hiking, horseback riding, and agility training with her red standard poodle Cousteau.

Sally N. RVT

Sally earned a Biological Sciences Degree, emphasizing in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior, from UC Davis in 2012. After learning of the need for competent, compassionate, and dedicated veterinary technicians, she earned her AS Veterinary Technology degree from Consumnes River College and became a Registered Veterinary Technician in 2014. Her husband, her daughter, and their dog Matilda are her life, and remind her every day that nothing worth doing is ever easy. When you see her at South Davis Veterinary Center, she strives to provide a low stress visit for you and your pet. She wants your pet to leave our hospital better than when they arrived, and wants to help you understand the knowledge behind every diagnosis and treatment.

Janai Lynn R. RVT

Janai graduated from Mount San Antonio college in 2016 with an A.S. in Registered Veterinary Technology. That same year she was accepted to UC Davis as an undergraduate in Wildlife Fish and Conservation Biology. Shortly after she realized she could also pursue her passion in creating artwork, and switched her major to Art Studio. Still holding on to her love of animal care, she obtained her RVT license in 2018 while continuing to broaden her artistic side. She hopes to apply to Veterinary school in the near future. In the meantime when she’s not studying, she loves being outdoors, painting, visiting her family in SoCal, and making people laugh.

Karli W. RVT

Karli graduated Cosumnes River College 2016 with an A.S. in Vererinary Tenchnology and General Science. She got her RVT license December 2016. She worked at PetSmart for 3 years as a dog bather. She has worked with veterinary specialists (Oncology and Cardiology). Her goal here at the clinic is "to help our patients live a long, happy life with their pet parents" and she strives for creating a positive experience for our patients and clients and love client education. Karli has a female dalmatian named Finlay, two cats named Elsa and Malley, and a Silkie chicken named Omelette. In her spare time she likes to visit zoos and aquariums and spend time with her grandparents.

Cari D. RVT

Cari started her journey in the veterinary industry in 2004. She has always loved animals, so she applied to work as a veterinary receptionist at a local hospital. It was the best decision she ever made. Today, Cari is studying to become a Registered Veterinary Technician through the Veterinary Allied Staff Education program. At West Davis Veterinary Center, she strives to educate clients about the best medicine for their pets, be it prevention or treatment of a medical condition. She wants to create a trusting bond with our clients and patients. With her boyfriend Steven, and her two cats Ramsley and Harley, she strives to live life to the fullest. To Cari, her pets are her world. They help her through tough times and are there to cuddle her when she is sad or sick. She just wishes they would live forever.

Sonia V.

Sonia has a lot of veterinary technician experience, has completed a certified Veterinary Technician training program and we are encouraging her to take the RVT test. She has been a big asset for us. Sonia really knows how to bring IT and get work done. Sonia and her beau Fern love living in Davis and when not a work they are kept busy with after school functions with their daughter and son.

Amanda H.

Amanda is working her way through a technician training program on the way to a career working with animals. She has a gentle touch with animals, and is a very friendly and generous person. She’s another of everyone’s favorites. At home, she takes care of her much loved dogs and cats. On weekends, she likes to blow off steam by riding BMX and motorbikes with her fiancee around Lake Berryessa and Tahoe.

Sarah H.

Sarah graduated UC Davis in 2013 with a degree in Animal Science and joined the SDVC team in early 2014. When she is not snuggling our patients here at work she can often be found at home in Sacramento, appreciating Harry Potter and spending time in her home library. Sarah and her husband share their home with a spunky terrier mix named Lily, a little Chihuahua mix named Dobby, and three kitty cats, Ginny, Tonks, and Myrtle.

Ashley S.

We welcomed Ashley to the SDVC team May of 2016. Ashley lives in Davis and graduated from Sacramento State b.s. in Biochemistry. Her ultimate goal is to become a small animal or equine veterinarian. When she is not at work or school Ashley can be found horseback riding, hiking, and going to the beach or lake. Ashley and her husband share their home with Maggie, a miniature poodle, a sassy Portuguese Water Dog named Ava, and their kitty Peter who thinks he is part lion!

Tanya D.

She is currently finishing up her degree in Animal Science at UC Davis, with an emphasis on animal behavior. She hopes to one day apply her studies to improving animal welfare in livestock settings, shelters, and veterinary clinics, but for now she will settle for spoiling your pets with belly rubs and treats while they visit us at South Davis! During those rare moments when she is not at work or studying for one of her many exams, she plays fetch with her cat Milton (yes, he actually brings the ball back) while her other cat Oliver stares at Milton’s adorable weirdness and ponders how Milton can actually call himself a cat.

Kelly S.

Kelly has been working at SDVC since September 2017 and has been a tech since 2013. Kelly loves her Beatles cat, Miss Sergeant Pepper; she also loves the Beatles and classic rock! Kelly is bright and enthusiastic; she is loud and funny. She loves Davis since she moved here and is delighted to work at South Davis Veterinary Center.

Katie P.

Katie’s passions in life have always been animals, nature, and family. She grew up in the South bay area with her mom and two older sisters, moving to Davis in adulthood to receive her B.S. in Animal Science at UC Davis. Pursuing her love of animals, at 18 she began volunteering at a cat rescue in the East Bay, which quickly transitioned to a veterinary technician job at the hospital the kitties were seen at – cementing her interest in animal medicine. When not helping all of our adorable animals, Katie spends her time hiking, playing with her doggy Faron and kitty Loki, and enjoying the local restaurants around Davis.

Fran E.

Fran has a variety of experience in the veterinary field. She worked at a holistic veterinarian in Everett, Washington. She has also spent many years working as the primary technician in animal rescue, working primarily with cats. At West Davis Veterinary Center, she wants to be the patient’s best friend or favorite person. She always brings a smile to your face as well. Her cats, Dodi, Robin Sparkles, Baker, and Dimaggio make sure they make room for her on their couch as they all watch Raiders football together.

Shallon L.

Shallon became a veterinary professional because of her strong love of animals and medicine, earning an Associate’s degree in Veterinary Science at Johnson College. Together with her husband Bryan, and her son Oberon, they have a wonderful pet family including two cats, Cosmos and Puck, and one dog, Athena. Shallon calls them her fur babies because they are so near and dear to her. At West Davis Veterinary Center, her goal for every patient is to provide a low stress environment, and to anticipate the needs of you and your pet. Every day she is at our clinic, she strives to provide efficiency with compassion in her work.

Jane Y.

Jane is just starting her veterinary career at West Davis Veterinary Center. She recently graduated from UC Davis with a BS in Animal Science and is now gaining technical experience by working in a private veterinary practice. With her 3 parakeets, one cockatiel, one ball python, and her dog Nugget, she is guaranteed to stay busy! When you see her at WDVC, she strives to make you feel welcome and wants to get a full understanding of your pet’s life at home. To her, it is important to enjoy what you do, even if you have doubts, and to be flexible, since not everything goes the way you plan it.

Emily D.

Emily has always had a love for animals. Training horses during high school and working as a kennel technician developed her love for all kinds of animals. Receiving an AA in Animal Science and Spanish, and completing technician school at Carrington College in Sacramento, she hopes to earn her RVT license by the end of the year. She loves seeing happy dogs and cats leaving our clinic. She has a wonderful daughter Corralee, and two dogs Hank and Chancho. She always tries to remember this quote when things get tough: “Around here however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors, and learning new things, because we’re curious……and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney

Kelly H.

Kelly graduated from UC Davis in 2016 with a degree in Animal Science. She joined the SDVC team in 2018 after working at a feline clinic for two years. Aside from her love for animals, she spends her time pursuing her passion in the music scene by setting up events in Sacramento, DJing, working on her radio show at KDVS and producing music. When not working with music, she can be found having funny conversations with her green cheek conure, Mango, hiking up waterfalls, or floating leisurely in a lake. Kelly plans to continue her education in the veterinary medicine field and hopes to work more with cats, dogs, and potentially exotic animals in the future.

Taylor P.

Taylor grew up in San Diego and graduated with a Biology degree from Muhlenberg College in 2018. Taylor joined the SDVC team in 2019 after finishing her first year of veterinary school at UC Davis. She is currently pursuing small animal medicine and is also interested in working with exotic animals. One of her most memorable experiences was studying abroad in Tanzania in 2016, where she realized her dream of going back and offering veterinary services to the village animals in need. At home, Taylor spends most of her free time with her two dogs, Jasmine and Roscoe. When Taylor is not studying or hanging out with her dogs, she loves horseback riding and paddle boarding.