South Davis Veterinary Center is an AAHA accredited clinic that has been a part of the Davis community since February 2003, and we can't thank you enough. We love being your vets! We appreciate that you are educated, compassionate, and care for your pets with abundant love and concern. We have enjoyed meeting so many of you and look forward to helping your families in the future.

Please, explore our site or schedule an appointment at the hospital. We would love to meet your furry family members and help keep them happy, healthy, comfortable and playful, so your bonds can grow and grow.

You can also visit our sister hospital, West Davis Veterinary Center, located on Russell Blvd. in west Davis!

Warmest thanks, peace, and gratitude to all,

The Doctors and Staff of South Davis Veterinary Center

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Phone: (530) 757-1113

Email: info@southdavisvet.com

Address: 4615 Cowell Blvd. Davis, Ca 95618

SDVC Bulletin:

As promised, we have an update on the potential link between grain free diets and heart disease. A veterinary nutritionist has collaborated with several veterinary schools to hopefully clarify some of the confusion. Click here to learn more!

We were just informed that there has been a voluntary recall of some Hill’s Science Diet canned dog food. We have checked the food we keep in hospital and we do not have any of the lot numbers that are being recalled. The link below has all of the lot numbers that have been recalled. According to Hill’s, these diets do not pose a safety risk, but should be discontinued. They are being recalled because the Vitamin D levels do not meet their testing standards. If you have recently purchased any of these food, please check the lot numbers on the bottom of the can. If they match any listed, let us know as soon as possible, and we will be able to replace the diet. Please feel free to contact us with any concerns or questions.

Thank you,

The Doctors and Staff of South Davis Veterinary Center