Sewell Stipend to attend the APHA Annual Meeting

Congratulation the 2020 Sewell Stipend recipients!

Karen Berry, Radford University
Amber Burtis, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Eli Gandour-Rood, Collins Memorial Library - University of Puget Sound
Ann Glusker, University of California Berkeley
Michael Goates, Brigham Young University
Amanpreet Kaur, University of Pennsylvania
Ayaba Logan, Medical University of South Carolina
Edgar Lopez, Stanford Health Care
Sara Loree, Librarian Reserve Corps
Patti McCall-Wright, University of Florida
Molly Montgomery, Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine
Jeanne Pfander, University of Arizona Libraries
Vedana Vaidhyanathan, Baylor University
Paije Wilson, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Thank you to everyone who applied.

The 2020 Sewell Stipend is happening!

In 2020, the application process is streamlined. Recipients will be selected in a lottery of qualified applications. Visit the APPLY page for details.

Sewell Stipend to Attend the APHA Annual Meeting

The Sewell Travel Award for Public Health (STAPH) Committee has awarded stipends to librarians to participate in the APHA Annual Meeting. Visit the APHA Annual Meeting Website and its linked online program for more information about the conference.

The stipend reimburses recipients for the cost of APHA membership and conference registration. In non-pandemic years, non-local librarians receive additional funds to help offset the cost associated with travel.

History of the Sewell Stipend

The late Dr. Winifred Sewell worked with several professional associations during her long career in medical and pharmacy librarianship/information technology. This led to her appreciation of the key role that librarians and information professionals can play in raising the quality of health care. Convinced that interacting with public health and pharmacy colleagues would forge a much deeper understanding of the users’ roles and needs, she established the Grace and Harold Sewell Memorial Fund, Inc. (The Fund) to provide financial support to librarians and information providers who plan to attend the annual meetings of the American Public Health Association and the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. The first stipends were awarded in 2001.

Purpose of the Sewell Stipend

The Fund aims to increase librarians’ effectiveness at providing reliable/relevant information to health care professionals in the fields of public health and pharmacy. To achieve this purpose, the Fund awards reimbursement funds to librarians and other information professionals to defray association membership/registration/travel and per diem expenses of attending and/or participating in activities of the American Public Health Association (APHA).