Welcome to the Selby High Remembrance Day 2020 Project

Following on from 2019’s fascinating project about Selby’s First World War soldiers, we have decided to focus our remembrance not just on the soldiers of the First World War, but on the women who joined the war effort also.

We are extremely proud to highlight these stories of Women from Selby who joined the war effort as nurses and other medical staff.

The events of this year have highlighted to all of us that our medical staff and carers are absolutely deserving of the title "hero", and the same was just as true at the time of the Great War.

We hope that you enjoy reading about the women who once contributed so much to our community, and that you will keep them in your thoughts this year as we commemorate Remembrance Day this November.

We Will Remember Them

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If you think that you have any further information on the Selby nurses mentioned on this website then we would love to hear from you.

Please contact smc@selbyhigh.co.uk with any information, comments or queries.