Office of School Wellness Programs

2018-19 Professional Learning Catalog

It takes committed, well-prepared educators, parents, and school communities to help our students develop the skills and knowledge they need to be healthy, academically successful, and prepared to make informed choices -- now and throughout their lives.

The wide range of professional learning opportunities in this catalog are designed to train teacher-leaders, school staff, and School Wellness Councils to provide high-quality, comprehensive, inclusive health education, physical education, and physical activity programs to all students.

Many of the sessions listed in the catalog are aligned to the new New York City K-5 Physical Education Scope and Sequence and New York City K-5 Health Education Scope and Sequence. These resources provide a framework for implementing skills-based instruction aligned to State and national standards.

Register now for PE Basics and Health Education Basics workshops that help unpack the scope and sequence documents and how they can help you design high-quality instruction.

New and Noteworthy

  • The New York City K-5 Physical Education Scope and Sequence is aligned to New York State and National PE Learning Standards as well as New York State Social and Emotional Learning Standards. It integrates the SHAPE America Grade Level Outcomes and includes suggested activities from three key resources provided to participants of the Elementary Physical Education Pathway: Physical Best: Physical Education for Lifelong Fitness, Lesson Planning for Elementary Physical Education and Project Adventure’s Adventure Curriculum for Physical Education, Elementary School.
  • The New York City K-5 Health Education Scope and Sequence is aligned to the National Health Education Standards, the National Sexuality Education Standards, and the New York State Health Education Standards. Additional concepts, skills, and healthy behavior outcomes have been adapted from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (HECAT).
  • Professional Learning Pathways – New teachers, or teachers unsure of which professional learning sessions to take, and experienced teachers looking to refresh their practice should check out the Professional Learning Pathways, a recommended sequence of essential trainings for physical education and health education teachers, designed to build subject expertise and leadership skills.
  • The Teacher Leadership Pathway: Teachers who want to go beyond the Professional Learning Pathway and develop the skills necessary to be teacher-leaders in their school, community, and/or district. Check the Physical Education, Health Education, and School Wellness listings for Teacher Leadership Pathway offerings currently available. More will be added in the coming months.
    • Partner-led trainings listed in this catalog are indicated by this logo:
  • Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) – Many professional learning sessions sponsored by the Office of School Wellness Programs are eligible for CTLE credit. Each course description includes the number of CTLE credit hours educators will earn by attending that training in full.
  • PE Coaching (available under the Elementary and Secondary Physical Education tabs): Teachers can register for one-on-one support with an experienced instructional coach to develop customized instructional strategies and goals.
  • Health Education Coaching (currently under development). Teachers will soon be able to register for one-on-one support with an experienced health education instructional coach to develop customized instructional strategies and goals. Check the Elementary, Middle, and High School Health Education tabs for updates.

Whatever your area of expertise, the many opportunities in this catalog will help you:

  • Stay up to date with State and national standards, requirements, and best-practices.
  • Learn how to use the DOE’s recommended curriculum and how to plan better lessons.
  • Create and maintain safe and supportive schools environments, and support LGBTQ and gender-nonconforming students.
  • Connect with resources and extracurricular programs your school needs to keep students engaged, physically active, and ready to learn.

How to Register

Registration for Office of School Wellness Programs professional learning opportunities is through Eventbrite unless otherwise indicated in the training description.

Click on individual hyperlinks throughout the catalog to register for specific events.

If no live link is available, registration is not yet open. Registration information is updated regularly, so check back frequently for added workshops and dates. Upcoming professional learning opportunities also appear in the School Wellness Weekly newsletter. Subscribe today.

Be sure to search transportation and parking options for the workshop location before the day of the event. At most sites, parking is limited; we urge you to take public transportation whenever possible.

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