Autism Spectrum Support & Training

We deliver training on Autism and school support for managing children with autism. Please call for a no obligation discussion of needs

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Both Steve and Andrea worked for a Local Authority Autism Outreach Team for many years. Steve has also worked in Specialist settings supporting children on the spectrum. They both attended the Worcester University Working with Children with Autism Accredited Course.

Whilst working for the LA Andrea delivered all levels/Tiers of School Aged AET courses (and some extension courses) and Tier 1 Early Years. (She was also involved in writing the lead practitioner and strategic lead citywide training)

Steve has written articles, appeared in videos and written and contributed to books about Autism and Challenging behaviour.

Both Steve and Andrea have facilitated parent groups for parents/carers of children on the spectrum.

Trivia: A few Celeb's with ASD

  • Chris Packham diagnosed in late 40's - special interest in nature
  • Guy Martin, motorcyclist
  • Gary Numan - musician
  • Anthony Hopkins - diagnosed in his late 70's
  • Ladyhawke - musician
  • Susan Boyle - singer
  • Daryl Hannah - actress
  • Dan Ackroyd - actor - special interest in law enforcement and ghosts
  • Anne Hegerty - Quizmaster