What People Say

What people say about Team Teach Training:

Evaluations consistently comment on:

  • the knowledge and experience if the trainers
  • the focus on de-escalation
  • practical activities
  • clear presentation
  • focus on the best interests of the child

Stats: In September 2018, 288 staff were trained and feedback for attitude and knowledge were both scored at 100% excellent.

Holistic approach, safety and value of training was scored at 99% excellent (100% very good or excellent).

'We found that Team Teach put children at the heart of the training and provided practical solutions to the positive management of behaviour.' Cherry Oak School (Special School in Birmingham)

“Excellent training. Useful, important and delivered with a calm approach.” Yardley Primary School.

“This course was fantastic. Very practical and invaluable. I would definitely recommend this training for this age group. Fun and realistic.” Head Teacher – Garretts Green Nursery and Children’s Centre.

“A very enjoyable and beneficial course.” Teacher in Primary ASD Base.

"Steve is brilliant at training, this is the second time I have done this with Steve. He is supportive, patient and understanding." Primary staff member.

What people say about SEND Training:

"Really enjoyed both sessions - the jokes, mini-clips and past stories make information easier to understand and relate to. It's great for serious info to be shared informally." Teacher in mainstream Junior School re ASD training.

"Great ideas for resources." Teacher in mainstream Junior School re ASD training.

"I really enjoyed the course...I stayed focused and I'm looking forward to the next lesson. It's nice to see people who show a passion for their work and children, thank you both." TA in a large Inner City School re 4 day course

"I like the visual part of the training as I am a visual person. Gets everyone involved." TA re 4 day course

"I have really enjoyed today's learning and stayed focused the whole day (which is a miracle). Thank you for the practical activities and sharing experiences." TA re 4 day course

" I have enjoyed the training and feel that I have gained more knowledge, especially about speech and language difficulties. It has opened up new ideas about a particular child I am working with which I will observe with this training in mind." TA

"A very good day - everything was clearly explained and now I will understand why some children do the things they do!!" TA

"Very well delivered. Have much more knowledge and understanding of ASD awareness. Great ideas to support Speech, Language and communication difficulties...liked the practical activities" TA re day 1 4 day Course

"I did not know about proprioception, vestibular and interoception, but I do now and I actually understand them." TA re Sensory training

"Very well delivered, enjoyed the practical activities. Have more knowledge on PDA. Understood the sensory differences much better, useful resources to take back..great ideas shared as a group."

"I really enjoyed today's training again, I found that when I got back to the school the next day I felt a bit more confident and calm, I look at the children different knowing what I learnt would be of use to these children. Thank you very much for your help, looking forward to the next training, oh and thanks for explaining about PDA - I thought I knew but I did not!"