We now offer sessions about Attachment with information and Strategies.

Our first session went down really well - Everyone said they would recommend it and everyone increased their confidence in understanding about attachment - see the chart below for ratings. October 2019.

The red markers show the 'before' session scores and the green shows the increase - the 'after' scores - rated from 1 to 10 with 1 being low and 10 being high.

A selection of comments:

"Amazing training which clearly highlighted different types of attachment and strategies to support"

"Now have a better understanding of children's behaviour"

"A subject I knew little about so this was so useful and informative"

"very informative and interesting"

"Well delivered, thorough, interesting, gave me ideas to reflect on for classroom practice"

"Very thought provoking -another excellent session"

"Very useful - great presentation, Thank You"

"Great way of highlighting the varied issues children have to face just to 'be present' sometimes. Useful strategies given"

"Great presentation, very informative - will be using the strategies given"

"Really enjoyed the course - loved the strategies"

"Very well presented with a good balance of presentation, participation and discussion"