Tourette Syndrome & Tic Disorders

Tourette Syndrome affects 1 in 100 children - yes that's a lot!!

Over 80% co-occurring - often ADHD, Autism, OCD, sensory and anxiety.

In our experience it is overlooked far too often as an explanation for behaviours seen. We have a lot of experience in supporting students with Tourette Syndome and Tic Disorders.

FAQ: Isn't that the swearing thing?

NO! Well, sometimes yes. Coprolalia doesn't affect everyone with Tourette's, in fact it's only a small percentage.

FAQ: Does everyone with tics have Tourette's?

No, a diagnosis of Tourette's is given when someone experiences both motor and vocal tics and has done for some time. Otherwise it would be a Tic Disorder (either vocal (noises/ words) or motor (movements). Many children experience tics at some point - blinking, sniffing, licking lips for example, but they may not last.

FAQ: The tics seems to have stopped so they can't have a tic disorder can they?

They may have been transient tics and gone away but maybe they now have a different tic which isn't as obvious.

FAQ: You can see if someone has Tourette's can't you?

No, not always - some tics can be quite subtle and sometimes its the intrusive and impulsive thoughts and behaviours that are seen - and wrongly labelled as 'naughty' or challenging behaviour (and these behaviours might challenge the individual with tics as well as those around them.)

"I know I don't have to.. but I feel like I have to..." "It's like an itch and when I move it's like I've scratched it." "I've got to do it 3 more times to make it even."

"People think I'm weird because I make noises." "I have to click my pen a certain number of times and it distracts me."

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